How to Add a Free Product to the TemplateMonster Marketplace? The Shop Owner’s Guide to Free Goods

Content outline

  1. How to Add a Free Product?
  2. Free Product Requirements
  3. Under Which Licenses are Freebies Released?
  4. Why Do You Need to Add a Free Product?
  5. Promote Your Free Good

 TemplateMonster is a unique marketplace that has gathered 5 million customers and lots of digital product makers under its brand. If you are an author of a free product and you want to add it to the marketplace, you need to know what product requirement you should follow, and how to promote your goods. Feel free to follow this step-by-step guide.

 How to Add a Free Product?

  1. You can add a free product ONLY with the help of the review team. You cannot do this on your own through your author account.
  2. To add a free product, you need to email us via with the subject line ‘Free Products’.
  3. The products are added to the free section for at least 6 months. After, you can remove it.
  4. The products that were rejected by the review team cannot be added to the free products section.

Free Product Requirements

The requirements are the same for free products and premium ones.

  1. The free product should be of high quality.
  2. The free products, archives, and guides should not contain links to third-party marketplaces.
  3. Make sure to follow product naming guidelines when creating a name for your free product.
  4. The free products should have the same preview images as the premium ones. Check the requirements for images and promo materials.
  5. Provide a relevant description and tags for your free product.
  6. Make sure that your product file is well-organized and the assets are clearly labeled.
  7. Include a ReadMe file in the download archive that contains all the necessary instructions. Make sure that your description includes helpful details regarding product specifications, program compatibility, fonts used, or any other helpful tips.
  8. Upload your product as a .zip file. Other formats, such as RAR or 7z, are not recommended.
  9. Be ready to respond to messages and comments promptly. 

Under Which Licenses are Freebies Released? 

All free products are licensed as follows:  

  • Free Fonts are backed by the Desktop License;
  • Free Themes – ‘For 1 website’ License only;
  • All other free assets come with a Personal License.

Why Do You Need to Add a Free Product?

 While not guaranteed, most shop owners experience a general increase in activity across their shops while their free goods are live. This includes sales of other products, views, reviews.

You can use your free products as an additional tool to promote your premium goods. The mechanism is simple: you need to add some part of the premium product as a free one and include the link to the premium version of the product in the description (you can use the ReadMe file).

No doubt, a free product is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the new audience, demonstrate the quality of your products and their “inner world”.

Promote Your Free Products!

  1. TemplateMonster promotes free products via email and social media channels. Join the party and share your freebie with all of your followers!
  2. Make a post on any social network (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  3. Do you have a blog or a website? Feel free to add your freebie to your website and let more people know about it.
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