Requirements for images and promo materials

Please stick to the following guidelines for images and promotional materials to make your product displayed correctly in the product listing: 

Main product image on the product details page (Preview_01.jpg – ) 

Minimum resolution: 800 x 500 px. Maximum resolution: 1600 x 1000 px. Maximum image size: 10 Mb. Image aspect ratio 8:5; 

We strongly recommend you to place the main information about the template in the center area of the main image so the product could look better in advertisements.

Presentation Media (Features_list.psd) on the product details page. 

Minimum width: 800 px. Maximum width: 1600 px (for retina displays). Maximum image size: 10 Mb;

Slider Images: Minimum resolution is 965 x 600 px, maximum resolution is 1930 x 1200 px. Maximum size of any image: 30 Mb;

Promotional videos from YouTube may be included into Product Slider.

Requirements for promotional images

Please follow these formatting guidelines to make sure that your product image will be submitted to online ad platforms.

  1. Image technical requirements
  • ratio: 1:1;
  • minimum dimensions 600 x 600 pixels;
  • image no larger than 64 megapixels;
  • maximum file size 10MB;
  • supported file formats: GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg), PNG (.png), BMP (.bmp), and TIFF (.tif/.tiff).
  1. Image content requirements

Don’t use images that contain promotional elements or content that may cover the product. 

Examples of promotional elements include:

  • pop-ups;
  • promotional text;
  • overlays like watermarks, brand names, logos;
  • call-to-actions and service-related information (like “buy now” or “extended warranty”) that are designed as promotional elements;
  • promotional adjectives like “best”, “cheap”;
  • brand / manufacturer / retailer name / retailer logo that covers the product.

Don’t use:

  • a placeholder or an image that doesn’t show your product;
  • a generic image, graphic, or illustration that is not a product image;
  • a logo or icon instead of an actual product image;
  • an image with a border.

Main image for audio products

For your convenience, please download the file and add this image as the main image of audio items. The main image will not be reflected on the product page.

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