How TemplateMonster Promotes My Products?

If you are selling your design assets at the TemplateMonster marketplace, read this guide ASAP! Thank you for choosing TemplateMonster, we hope that our partnership will become your money-making machine.

How to make this happen? Provide us with quality and up-to-date web design products, and you’ll get a set of effective promotional activities. We want you to be armed with all the necessary to make our partnership even more successful.

Here we’ll cover some FAQ’s on marketing policy and campaigns, let’s start.

What are the requirements for web design products?

Being in the design business since 2002, we know what our customers want. Our guidelines for authors are based on the replies from thousands of surveys that can improve both design assets and marketing activities. Our guides cover lots of important topics like proper sizing and quality of images, product naming and descriptions, item keywords, and much more. Here you can check our requirements for items. 

How will TemplateMonster promote my products?

We’ll actively market your web design products through the following channels and remarketing tools:

  1. product remarketing;
  2. shopping ads;
  3. social media;
  4. posts in TemplateMonster blog;
  5. newsletter promotion;
  6. TemplateMonster homepage, we’ll show popular and recently added products.

What will the promotional campaigns include?

Product remarketing

  • What is Product remarketing and how does it work?

Remarketing is the tactic of serving targeted ads to people who have already visited or taken action on your website. When users leave product pages, the remarketing ads are shown to them immediately. These ads lead users back to the product pages, later they can move to the next stage of the sales funnel, finally making a purchase.

  • How to get my product there?

If you want a customer to choose and purchase your product, you need to make sure they saw it at least 7 times. The remarketing will work only if the customer is satisfied with a product, or at least with some of its features. It’s important to fully describe your items. The higher the quality of your item, the more chances you have to enter the remarketing list and make a purchase.

Shopping ads

  • What is a shopping ad and how does it work?

Shopping ads include rich product information including product image, price, and author name. These ads are shown to users depending on their search queries.

  • How to get my product there?

These ads are most effective when they have high-quality images in the product listing. You need to focus on the quality of your visuals, item characteristics, and keywords of your products. All these points will determine the relevance of the shown product.

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram)

TemplateMonster is represented in several social media channels and special web design communities. Our audience prefers trendy web design elements and templates for specific niches or business areas. Make sure that you have full product descriptions and attractive images.

Posts at TemplateMonster blog

  • How is the blog content created?

TemplateMonster pays much attention to the content, which serves as the library for beginners and experienced web designers. Our copywriting team sticks to a strict content plan that highlights all product types and design processes with detailed guides.

  • How to add your product to a blog post?

If you have found a relevant article in our blog for your product, contact our support team to get a featured listing.

Newsletter Promotion

  • What is Newsletter Promotion?

Newsletter marketing involves sending out informational emails to our users. Updates about products, services, sales, or company initiatives, can be included in a single email newsletter. 

  • How can my products be included there?

We’re sending emails to help you market your products to get a boost in our marketplace. Also, we have a special series of newsletters, where we can include your items.

  • Shop Updates Newsletter includes Shop Updates made over the past week in most-followed shops. We’re choosing the latest design items, their descriptions, and images (check our guidelines.)
  • Blog Digest email announces all of the latest posts from the TemplateMonster blog.

TemplateMonster Homepage

We’ll show popular recently added products. Our UX designers performed countless tests to choose the right place and mechanics to ensure the best performance of this block. 

Who will see the promoted products?

We have trustworthy relationships with our customers, and we’re providing our followers and subscribers with tons of helpful information. Within all channels, our audience has reached 2M followers, and it can be a good source for boosting your products.

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