How to link product pages using clickable presentation image

TemplateMonster product uploader allows you to link your new or existing free product pages to the premium ones. Here’s how you can do it.

When you’re adding the first Presentational image through a corresponding section >>

There will appear a small button that says Add link.

Using this button, you can add a reference to your premium product from your product page.

This is a really easy and valuable option that you should use on your product pages. Authors who have already discovered and used this clickable banner option managed to increase conversion on their premium product, pages getting a significant sales boost.

Some products where this feature is already used:

Emily Benson – Free Photography One Page WordPress Theme

The first image in the description section is a banner leading to a premium version of this freebie.

DesignCamp – Free Modern Event Landing Page Platform WordPress Theme

The same principle is applied in DesignCamp free WordPress theme; the first image in the presentation set is a clickable banner leading to a premium version of this template.

Other use cases

  • Linking a PSD template to it’s CMS version.
  • Linking a single product to a bundled product.
  • Linking a plugin/module to a CMS template where it’s used.
  • You name it.

Please note. You’re not allowed to link TemplateMonster product page banners to your personal websites.

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