Product Promotion

Being an author on a digital marketplace is something more than just submitting your items.

These items should be of the highest quality and correspond to all the technical and visual guidelines.

It is pretty challenging to sell digital items in perpetual competition with other authors.

For this plenty of reasons, promotion is important in selling your products and attracting more and more customers.

On behalf of TemplateMonster,  we do the following:

  • Regularly launch topical sales.
  • Planning marketing campaigns.
  • Highlighting author’s products via various marketing channels.
  • Advertising top templates on a homepage, product category sliders.
  • Make promo videos about the best items.

Please note that the marketplace team is just partially responsible for promoting your templates and increasing sales quantity. The significant part of success is author’s efforts and hard work with the target audience.

Since we are talking about the digital products promotion, we highly recommend you joining social networks and generating your own fresh content.

The list of recommended activities to boost your sales:

  • Communication with your potential and existing clients.
  • Publishing your content in public groups.
  • Arranging polls, giveaways.
  • Sharing your experience and ideas with a wide amount of users.

Additional ways to promote your products on a digital marketplace:

  • Social media advertising.
  • Online communities for self-promotion such as Behance, Dribbble etc.
  • Excellent customer service is also crucial. Providing superb customer service is not just solving problems and answering requests in a timely manner but the way to gain positive reviews and recommendations. It is a key part of your marketing strategy.

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To conclude, sales quantity and brand recognizability are the results of a complex work of a author as well as marketplace team. Not only plattform, but its authors are responsible for the end result: it is impossible to submit your product and become a top author the next day.

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