How to grow product sales. Tips for authors

After your product has been approved for the marketplace, there are several ways to boost its sales:

  1. Social networking. Social media is a great source of potential clients. Do not forget to tell your followers about your new product. A brief post on Facebook and a Tweet featuring a product image with its core features will help you boost sales.
  2. A product review post. Describe all unique features of your product. Illustrate its core functions by means of screenshots and detailed descriptions. Enumerate business niches for which your template is suited. Sharing this type of publication on your own site, Medium or your preferred forum will attract loads of search traffic and bring you more grateful clients. Do not forget to write posts in your native language. It’s easier to provide support to clients whom you attract by means of such publications.
  3. Video tutorials and reviews. Video reviews and tutorials help prospective clients to get a better understanding of your product. YouTube videos will draw additional attention to your work.
  4. Referral program. Register in the affiliate program and send traffic via referral links. This will help you track sales that were generated by your posts, and boost revenue as a result. Even if a user prefers a different product than yours, you won’t be left without a reward.
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