Bestsellers Explained – Overview of TemplateMonster Sorting by Sales

TemplateMonster has updated the algorithm for displaying Bestsellers sorting products.

The purpose of the algorithm change is to display a fairer listing of products based on current relevant data and to exclude the possibility of listing monopolization.

From now on, products are sorted out based not on total sales for the entire period of the product’s existence, but for half a year. Sorting is applied to all types of products.

For example, take a look at the Bestselling WordPress themes. It is the second most popular sort (after trending).

Until 2021, the marketplace took into account all-time product sales. Since July 2021, the sorting algorithm has been updated and now we take into account the number of product sales over the past six months.

We make these improvements for users and for authors so that new worthwhile products have a better chance of being sold, appear in listings and the issue is as relevant and honest as possible.

TemplateMonster Bestsellers FAQ

How often do you update the TemplateMonster Bestsellers collection?

We update the sorting every week. You can see new results every Sunday at approximately 23.30 GMT-4.

Do expert authors have more chances to get their products featured in bestselling?

No. All authors in the marketplace have equal opportunities. Both expert authors and newbies can be featured if their items have many sales.

How do the sorting algorithms for TemplateMonster bestsellers work?

The marketplace takes into account the number of product sales over the past six months.

How can I get my products listed among TemplateMonster Bestsellers?

The more sales a product received in the last 6 months, the higher it appears on the page. To get better results, work on its promotion on social media, on affiliate sites, and using other channels. The more effort you apply the higher are your chances to get on the Bestsellers’ list.

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