Product Description Requirements

In order to help customers buy your product, you need to provide a relevant description for it.

Here’re some requirements you need to follow.

  • The description must be error-free and written in a good English.
  • It should be unique, in case the product is non-exclusive, you can not use the same description you have used on other sites.
  • The length of the description should contain at least 512 characters, maximum length is unlimited.
  • The text of your description should contain: description of the productinformation about the niche where it can be applied, describe the uniqueness of the product and contain relevant keywords.
  • Description field supports HTML Markup and may contain following HTML5 tags: <br>, <strong>, ordered and unordered lists <ul> <ol> , links <a>, titles <h2>-<h3> , italics <i>. Be sure to use the <br> tag at the end of each paragraph or a bullet point.

Things not allowed in product descriptions

  • Special symbols like:
    • Booklets and other symbols used in the marked list.
    • Following symbols – $,%, @, #, &, *, &, {,}, [,], ^ and others.
    • Letters with diacritics.
  • Links to third party websites, portfolios, social media profiles, professional networks, email id’s, phone numbers, or any other contact information.
  • Installation instructions, or any other documents that describe your product (this information should be contained in the documentation.)
  • Lists of files included into the product package.
  • Description of the product features, these should be enumerated in the feature list, which is uploaded to the Presentational Media field.

Recommended requirements for images and promo materials:

  • Please provide information regarding images included (or not) in the product.
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