What Are TemplateMonster Author Achievements

23 November 2020

In addition to the release of Author Badges, TemplateMonster digital marketplace lets authors gain Achievements to earn additional rewards for their stores. TemplateMonster Achievements will help authors develop and upgrade their stores. After receiving new achievements, the authors get additional promo activities for their products.

The first iteration of Author Achievements includes:


There are two types of Godzilla Achievements that authors can earn:

  • Godzilla templates – is given as soon as an author releases his first 100 web themes;
  • Godzilla Graphics – is rewarded to those authors who release their first 500 items of graphics.


The Achievement is given to TemplateMonster authors who joined the affiliate program, participate in promo activities, and have at least 1 affiliate sale.  Affiliate Authors can gain more rewards and multiply their revenue manifolds as they use free affiliate marketing tools.  

To obtain the Radioman achievement, please contact us at marketplace@templatemonster.com and provide your Referral ID.  
Once the author’s Affiliate ID is verified, the achievement will be issued. 

Best Friend

Every author who adds at least one product to MonsterONE gets the Best Friend achievement. It makes the author’s profile stand out from the rest author accounts in the digital marketplace.

Please mind that by getting this achievement, authors are not provided with an additional promo from the marketplace.


Author’s products are available in 8+ categories of items in the TemplateMonster marketplace. It lets an author think differently and make an attempt to adjust their digital assets to match different types of products.


The achievement is given to those authors who write at least 15 unique descriptions for their products. The volume of each product description should be more than 1000 symbols. Follow this link to check how to write compelling product descriptions.

Tech Guy  

Provide 50 feedbacks in your support requests to get Tech Guy achievement!  

Check how the new ticket system works; Author support tips.  


Share your story with our blog readers and become a Celebrity! To post your interview on TemplateMonster blog, complete the survey

Please send us the link to your interview post on TemplateMonster blog to obtain the achievement. 

Link builder

Post the links to your portfolio or products on TemplateMonster on Behance, Dribbble, DeviantArt, Quora, Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

Please share the links to your posts on these platforms with marketplace@templatemonster.com to unlock the achievement. 


Write the post for TemplateMonster blog to become a Shakespeare! 

Feel free to contact us to discuss your content ideas! Once your post is published, let us know to get the reward. 

Pretty one

Get 10000+ views on your product to get Pretty one achievement! 

Please contact us once you have enough views to get the accomplishment. 

Traffic maker  

Join TemplateMonster Pinterest board and create a section with your products. Follow this link to learn the details.


Add a free product to TemplateMonster and get the Philanthrope achievement! Check the shop owner’s guide to free goods.


Initiate at least one paid promotion following the recommendations of the marketplace team and you’ll get the Energizer achievement.

Besides adding achievements to author’s profiles, TemplateMonster marketplace also takes care of providing authors with additional promotion. Promo services vary based on the achievement an author has earned. It includes the following:

Unlocked new achievement? Contact us at marketplace@templatemonster.com and get your reward! 

More Author Achievements are yet to be added! Stay tuned to get more rewards in the TemplateMonster marketplace!

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