How to Promote Products on TemplateMonster with Social Media?

When you land on the TemplateMonster digital marketplace with your products, you will need extra efforts to push them to your prospective customers. Promotion via social media networks is one of the most effective methods to start with. Not only does it help you to attract the first visitors, but it will also increase your product pages’ SEO weight, ensuring better Google ranking, resulting in more sales.  

Before submitting your items to the marketplace, we recommend you to create a profile and fill in the Public Profile section with all the necessary information, including links to your social media accounts. If you connect to a social account, it will be shown on your public page at, so that your clients could follow you.  

Social media is found to be the ultimate marketing tool to promote your digital products, reach prospects, and encourage existing clients to buy more. 

When using social media as a marketing tool, consider using the following strategies: 

  • Don’t take long breaks between the publications. Post at approximately the same time so that your followers would look forward to hearing from you every day. 
  • Keep communicating with your customers in the comments. 
  • Share posts that will: promote your products, demonstrate your process, bring value to your consumers.
  • Spread different content across your social media channels to avoid similar content, etc. 

Promo Materials 

Create pre-promo images for your digital product so that the TemplateMonster SMM team could add them to their promotional activities. Stick to the following requirements for images and promo materials so that your item will be displayed the right way in the product listing.

When done with promo materials, check the guidelines to promote your products using various social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. 


On Facebook, you can:

  • Share the link to your product on your personal page through “What’s on your mind?” option. 
  • Make a publication on the Facebook group by selecting one in the left menu of your news feed and posting through “What’s on your mind?” option. 


Pinterest is another useful channel in terms of social media marketing. If you have an activated Pinterest business account, you can manually tag your collections pin with the product links. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Log into your business account and click on Create to create a pin. 
  2. Upload an image, add title and description, as well as a destination link that is the URL of a product. 
  3. Add three or more products and then click Save Products
  4. Click Done to finish and then select a board where you want to save the collection to and click Publish.

Please note: follow the guide on how to grow your presence on Pinterest. 

Recently, TemplateMonster has launched a Pinterest board, which authors can use as an additional promotional resource for their products.

What benefits does it bring to you? While posting previews of their web design item on Pinterest, authors get an additional source of traffic from a well-optimized TemplateMonster Pinterest account.  Take a look at the image below. As you can see, Pinterest is one of the main sources of traffic to the marketplace.

Every TemplateMonster seller can create a section featuring custom name, description, and an URL to the collection of their works in the digital marketplace. For example, you may get inspired by the sections that are already added to TemplateMonster board on Pinterest.

What should authors do to be featured on TemplateMonster’s Pinterest?

  1. Use the following link
  2. Accept the invitation from TemplateMonster.
  3. Message us with your TemplateMonster shop URL (Pinterest DM)

Pinterest Board Terms for TemplateMonster Authors:

  • Only TemplateMonster authors can join;
  • One author can create only one section;
  • The section may feature only those products that are available at TemplateMonster. You cannot include items from other platforms and marketplaces;
  • Pin only your own works.

While submitting web design products to TemplateMonster’s Pinterest board, choose “Graphic Design Assets from TemplateMonster Authors” and click “Add Section” to create a section featuring your store’s name.

More pins bring more traffic! Try and reap the rewards.


Twitter allows sharing your products with the followers. You can post photos or GIFs, share videos, and links in a Tweet. To share the product on your Twitter account you need to: 

  1. Click the photo icon from the Tweet compose box and upload a product photo from your computer. 
  2. Type or paste the URL from your TemplateMonster product page into the Tweet box.
  3. Click Tweet to post your photo and a link. 


Consider Behance as your portfolio rather than a social media channel to promote your digital products. For doing so, you can create and publish a project on your Behance profile. So, to create a project:

  1. Login to your profile. 
  2. Push the Create a Project button on top of the page.
  3. Upload your products and click Continue
  4. Select a cover image, add title, creative field, and project tags. 
  5. Publish your project live. 

Please note: don’t forget to add a product link referring to the TemplateMonster marketplace where people can buy your item. 


If you just launched a product, LinkedIn will help you to connect with other companies and their loyal consumers. This will shorten the first phases of the sales cycle. 

If you want to turn your LinkedIn profile into a tool for social selling, follow the next steps:

  • Create an engaging profile. 
  • Expand your network.
  • Convert the LinkedIn audience into leads. 

The latter becomes possible when sharing the links to your products on TemplateMonster. For this, use the share box on top of the homepage. 

  1. Click Start a post. 
  2. Paste the link or type the URL into the text field. 
  3. Add an optional comment if needed and choose who you want to share the post with. 
  4. Click Post.  


YouTube, with its 30+ million daily visits, is another powerful social media marketing tool. It gives you tons of opportunities to promote your digital products and increase sales. Consider a few creative ways of sharing products on YouTube channel. 

  • Use the name of your business or product as a channel name. 
  • Include links to your company website and other social media accounts. 
  • Make an informative trailer to give your audience a clear idea of why you decided to set up the channel.
  • Add product videos and announcements that will showcase your best items and highlight their core features and benefits. Accompany your videos with links to the product page on 
  • Make product reviews and comparisons showing off your industry expertise. 
  • Use keywords relevant to your niche. 
  • Integrate your YouTube channel with the rest of your social media profiles to increase traffic and sales. 


Wikipedia defines Quora as “an international question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, followed, and edited by Internet users, either factually or in the form of opinions.” 

Quora is for sharing knowledge, and at the same time, it’s a great marketing tool. You can use this opportunity to showcase your expertise and attract people to your brand. You can promote the last by linking to your website in your biography section and the answers people get from you. If you are to launch a brand new product, Quora can help you to attract more people to it. For this, create a series of posts that will shed light on a specific problem that your product can solve. 

This series of posts will help to prepare the ground for a publication describing your product in detail. 


Medium is an alternative venue for product promotion. It allows you to expand your business by creating and maintaining dedicated posts. The more followers you get on Medium, the more people will get to know your digital products. The stories, gaining popularity, will drive more traffic to your product page at TemplateMonster. 


Consider using Instagram as another tool for promoting your digital products. When your account is approved for Instagram Shopping, you can start featuring items in posts and stories. 

To enable Instagram Shopping, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to your Profile Settings and choose the Business section. 
  2. Select Shopping and click Continue. 
  3. Pick a product catalog to link it to your professional account. 
  4. Click Done to finish. 

To tag products in your posts:

  1. Tap ‘plus’ sign to create a new post, choose a photo or video, add a caption, effects, or filters. 
  2. Choose the products on the photo you want to tag. 
  3. Give names to the products and select them when they appear in the search field. 
  4. Click Done and share the post. 

A tap/click on the product tag will redirect a user to your product page at TemplateMonster.

Upload Freebies

Besides promoting your items in social media, you can create a similar version of your premium design but with few features and design options, and start offering it for free. You can add a free product using the Uploader through your author account. The process is similar to the way you upload a premium item to the marketplace. The only difference is that you need to put a checkmark next to “I want to upload this product as FREE” right after you select the product type.

Please mind that uploading an item as a freebie you cannot transform it into a premium product during an update.

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