Product Promotion Guide [Part 1] – Backlinks and Social Media

This guide will help you promote your portfolio and products right after their release on the TemplateMonster marketplace. It guides you through all free brand and product promotion steps that are a must-have for your popularity and sales. You will learn more about backlinks and social media sharing on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram,  Behance, and Dribble to establish a strong brand and get more clients.

Let’s Make Your Author’s Page Look Professional

After your registration, we automatically create a separate profile page, which serves as your online store and portfolio. It`s the face of your brand, and it needs to be outstanding to attract customers and get more sales.

The starting point is to set up your author’s account. Please, make sure to use this helpful guide. Here are some additional tips to help to increase your author’s profile popularity.

Add appealing logo and featured image

The featured image will be placed on the top of your pages and used during social media sharing. Each time someone shares a link to your page, it will contain your username and featured image.

Write a catchy description of your brand and products

 It helps potential customers to hear your voice and brings you additional organic traffic. All authors’ profiles with custom descriptions are indexed and appear in Google, Bing, and other search engines. That’s why we highly recommend you use unique and compelling text for your product promotion.

Connect your current social media

Connect as many social media profiles as possible to ensure clients can follow your updates and become your brand advocates. If you don’t use some of the listed social media, we highly recommend you create profiles to secure your brand name.

As far as you save the changes and have a great author`s page, it’s high time to promote it online. Next, we will go through the basic steps of online product promotion and tell you about free available resources for sharing your portfolio.

Share Your Author’s Page and Products on Your Website

Links connect every online page on the web. Therefore, nothing makes your portfolio popular but social media shares and backlinks from other websites. Now we will learn how to get them for free and in a short time.

Add a link to your portfolio from your website homepage

If you have your business website, you should add a link to your author’s page to one of the sections listed below:

  • to your website header menu;
  • footer section;
  • add a clickable banner;
templatemonster product promotion
  • create a special ‘We are featured,’ ‘We sell on,’ ‘Our portfolio,’ ‘Find our works’ block. It is a great way to give more trust to your business and promote your portfolio simultaneously.

We have prepared a pack of customizable visuals, such as logos and banners so that you quickly add them to your website and use them on other online resources. Click the button below to download ready-made banners from the marketplace.


No matter how many social accounts you used before. You are a brand and got to have them all. Why? Because competitors can use your brand and do that for you. More than that, your author’s profile will need as many backlinks as you can get to shine brightly on TemplateMonster and rank well in search engine results. Let’s start with the most popular social network, Facebook, and proceed with your brand page creation, product sharing on your page, relevant groups, and communities.

Create a brand page

Follow this URL and create your Facebook page.

Add your brand name, description, logo, and cover images, and proceed to the ‘About’ section. This is where you need to add a link to your portfolio. Edit your page info, add a link to your TemplateMonster author`s profile and save the result.

product promotion on facebook

If you already have a brand page on Facebook, add a link to your portfolio in the ‘Additional Information’ section.

Share your products

Right after your Facebook page is fine-tuned, create separate posts for your TemplateMonster products. Share every new item when it appears on the marketplace, it will give them a huge boost. Don`t be shy, and tag @TemplateMonster. We will gladly like your best works.

Share every new product you launch with a Facebook post. It will help you to gain more backlinks and promote your portfolio. More than that, you create collections with your free and premium items (people love free stuff) to please the followers.

Post to groups and communities

Share links to your products in thematic communities. Please pay special attention to the communities` rules and share your products where it is allowed. You can find the related communities yourself by using Facebook search filters.

We have also prepared a list of recommended groups for your product promotion:

Choose groups that are relevant to your product. For example, your free items would be the best fit for communities with free resources. But, it won’t work if you spam the group with premium products. Share WordPress themes in groups dedicated to this topic. Relevance is your priority.

To share your product link in a group, click on the ‘Create a public post’ field. Write a short description, add a product link and click the ‘Post’ button.

NB! Do not spam. Share links to your products only in relevant groups, read the group’s rules regarding product promotions and make no more than 5-7 such publications per week. Otherwise, you risk getting banned.


As a social media, Pinterest has more than 1.2B monthly visits, according to Similarweb. Just imagine how many of those visitors can be interested in your products. Let’s start reaching this audience by creating your brand account.

Create a business page

Sign up with your Facebook, or open your personal page if you already have one. Use the drop-down menu and find the ‘Add Account’ option. Choose the third option and create a free business account. You can also work with your personal page; however, business profiles access advanced analytics tools and product 0promotion options.

product promotion on pinterest

Right after that, Pinterest will redirect you to the business profile. Fill it out with your author name and add a link to your TemplateMonster author page in the ‘Website’ field.

Save the result and proceed with other settings, like the topics and profiles you would like to follow. For your convenience, we suggest you follow the TemplateMonster official Pinterest page and send requests to add your products to our author boards.

Create product Pins and Boards

Pinterest has several amazing formats to work with your product promotion. Single product share is called a ‘Pin.’ Pins are single posts with one URL, image, description, and tags. To increase the value, users organize thematically relevant Pins into Boards. Boards are collections of Pins. Most importantly, boards are indexable and rank well in Pinterest search. It means that adding your product Pins to top boards makes the same effect as listing them on design blogs.

For starters, we suggest you create separate boards that correspond to the products you make. E.g., you create landing page templates and want to make a collection of the best ‘event landing pages.

  1. Open your Pinterest account, navigate to ‘+’  and choose the ‘Board’ option.

2. Name it correspondingly ‘Event Landing Pages’ or ‘Event Landing Pages – Best One Page Designs for Online and Offline Events’ and press ‘Create.’

3. At this step, you can either create Pins on the Board page or visit your product pages on TemplateMonster and use Pinterest sharing buttons. We will show you some screenshots illustrating the second option.

4. Repeat the process and add all of your best items that correspond to the topic. Here is a link to the event landing page board we’ve just created.

Share your products on TemplateMonster boards

Along with your boards, share your items on TemplateMonster public collections.

Here are the links to TemplateMonster Pinterest boards to which you are welcome. Please, join the boards related to your products and Pin them as soon as they appear on the marketplace.

Landing Page Templates –

Google Slides –

PowerPoint Designs –

Free & Premium Fonts –

Resume Templates –

Web design patterns and backgrounds –

WordPress themes –

Here is how to work with them.

  1. Follow the link and click the ‘Accept’ or ‘Join’ buttons.

2. Add new Pins on the board or use the Pinterest sharing button on the TemplateMonster product page to contribute your products to these public boards. Here is an example of an SEO landing page pin we’ve just created.

NB! Make sure that you add pins to boards with high relevance. Never mix the product types and topics. It creates a mislead and spoils the reputation of your brand. E.g., if the board’s name is ‘WordPress Themes’, you should not add products based on other CMS systems to it. The same relates to topics. The more consistent, regular, and relevant your posting is, the more loyal customers and qualified leads you will get.

Advanced option – bulk pins upload

Pinterest has a nice bulk upload option for advanced users who want to create multiple Pins for their boards instantly. It allows users to auto-publish Pins by connecting an RSS feed or using a .csv file.


Instagram is all about visual content, likes, and reactions. Use this social media network to communicate with your followers and increase brand exposure. Even though you can’t add clickable backlinks to your Instagram posts, it allows you to share a link to your portfolio in the bio section or create a link tree with all useful resources. Moreover, you can connect Instagram and Facebook business pages to share the content and make ads instantly. Let’s see how to start with it.

Create Instagram brand profile

Sign up for Instagram and create a business account. We advise you to do this from your mobile because Instagram fully runs only with its mobile app. Web-version is ok for profile creation, but adding new posts and stories is only possible within the app.

product promotion on instagram

Fill out the information about your brand and add a link to your TemplateMonster portfolio.

If you need to add more than one link or already have Instagram, we suggest creating a custom links tree and sharing all of your portfolios and social media links in one place.

Add a link tree is a great way to keep your links in one place.

  1. Create an account. Enter your brand name, choose categories and sign up for a free plan.

Use an easy builder to add links to your TemplateMonster author`s page, other portfolios, and social media pages.

Share your link tree on the web and add it to your Instagram account. Here is an example of a RockThemes link tree added to the Instagram page

Add as many important links as necessary to your brand. Those can be links to your free and bestselling products, discounts with a nice CTA, etc. Check the way TemplateMonster manages the link tree for more ideas.

Account management – Posts and Stories

Publish posts with your items regularly, add their description and features.

Add hashtags that are relevant to your content. To search for hashtags, use the Keyword IO tool.

Make posts with your products, organize them in nice formats, e.g., the carousel posts format is quite popular.

Use your Instagram to show more details and features of the product, create thematic collections, and engage your audience.

Be sure to tag and mention TemplateMonster’s Instagram page @template_monster in your posts – we’d love to share them with our Stories followers.


Twitter is a news-dependant social network. Despite its non-ecommerce nature, you can still share new items, post updates, and earn some good social media backlinks for your profile and product pages.

Sign up for Twitter

Creating a page on Twitter is easy.

  1. Go to and choose the sign-up option. Add your brand name, short bio, and a link to your TemplateMonster author’s page. If you already have a Twitter page with your website link there – replace it with the link tree (Instagram promotion block).

Follow and tag @templatemonster. We love meeting our authors on social media and will gladly like / share your Tweets.

product promotion on twitter

Tweet your products

Start product promotion – create Tweets with links to your products on the marketplace. Do this on Twitter or using a sharing button on your product page.

Describing your product, you need to fit up to 280 characters. Please indicate the product’s name, briefly describe its top features, add a link, and tag @templatemonster. We will gladly make a retweet to our corporate account so that as many people as possible see your product!

Use relevant hashtags and research trends. Here is an example post.

Use images and videos for your tweets. This format engages users better by 35%.

Follow relevant hashtags and accounts

Follow people with similar interests. For example, WordPress, eCommerce, web development, graphic design. Make friends with them – repost cool content and comment on their tweets. It will help to grow your account`s trust.


LinkedIn is perfect for product promotion. It’s mainly a B2B professional platform that concentrates a large business audience – entrepreneurs, startups, marketers, designers, and developers. Therefore, it’s a great chance for you to connect with like-minded people and get new contacts.

Sign up and join LinkedIn

Register your account following this helpful guide. Upload your logo and background image and add a link to your TemplateMonster`s author account in the Contact Info section.

You can even add it to your Experience listing, tag TemplateMonster company profile, add related images, and the year when you joined the Marketplace.

Connect with your contacts

If you use your business email to sign up for LinkedIn, you instantly connect with your contacts. Proceed to ‘My Network’ and manage your connections on LinkedIn.

And sure, don`t forget to follow and tag us in your posts.

Product Ppromotion in Posts and Articles

Like other social media networks, LinkedIn has a feed where you can create posts with your products, write articles to highlight their best features, and provide your customers with some helpful tips. Post from your LinkedIn profile, or use sharing buttons on the product pages, as well.

As you see, you can add different media files to your posts. Use suggested hashtags and mention

Dribble and Behance

Behance and Dribble are the most specialized social networks for web and graphic designers. They are tailored to portfolio and project format and help you fully showcase each of your products, add gifs, videos, and screenshots, and, most importantly, add links to the product pages where users can buy them.

Sign up to Dribble and Behance

The registration process is easy – login with your email address, add your logo, short bio, and a link to your TemplateMonster author’s account. If you already have Dribble and Behance portfolios – use the URL of your link tree instead.

Each of your digital products deserves to be shared as much as possible. Therefore, we recommend you upload their shots to Behance and Dribble and add links to the product pages so that they could convert.

Make Dribble shots and collections

Here is an example of a Dribble shot. This platform requires you to add a product image, relevant tags, and a short description. It would be best to use the description field wisely and add links to the product page, your portfolio, and social media pages.

In addition to single shots, make collections. However, you can’t organize the shots made by you into a group. Therefore, we advise you to follow TemplateMonster on Dribble, find your product promotion posts, and save them. Here is an example of such a collection with ‘Colorful website templates.’ Proceed with the following steps.

  1. Scroll TemplateMonster shots and find your items.
  2. Open the product shot page and click on the ‘Save’ button.

Choose a relevant collection from the list, or create a new one. Click ‘Done’ and save the result.

Create great product reviews, and we will like and share your shots in TemplateMonster collections.

Create Projects on Behance

Working with Behance is much like Dribble. It`s portfolio-oriented and requires uploading your product designs to hear the community’s opinion.

  1. Click on the ‘Create a Project’ button.
  2. Upload your product image in high resolution.

Add a custom title, description, and backlink to the product page on TemplateMonster. Hashtags, tools, and categories also help your product get more page views.

Here is an example of a Behance project sharing page. Make consistent posting, listen to your audience and colleagues in comments, and get more potential customers.   


YouTube, with its 30+ million daily visits, is another powerful social media marketing tool. It gives you tons of opportunities to promote your digital products and increase sales. Consider a few creative ways of sharing products on YouTube channel. 

  • Use the name of your business or product as a channel name. 
  • Include links to your company website and other social media accounts. 
  • Make an informative trailer to give your audience a clear idea of why you decided to set up the channel.
  • Add product videos and announcements that will showcase your best items and highlight their core features and benefits. Accompany your videos with links to the product page on 
  • Make product reviews and comparisons showing off your industry expertise. 
  • Use keywords relevant to your niche. 
  • Integrate your YouTube channel with the rest of your social media profiles to increase traffic and sales. 


Wikipedia defines Quora as “an international question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, followed, and edited by Internet users, either factually or in the form of opinions.” 

Quora is for sharing knowledge, and at the same time, it’s a great marketing tool. You can use this opportunity to showcase your expertise and attract people to your brand. You can promote the last by linking to your website in your biography section and the answers people get from you. If you are to launch a brand new product, Quora can help you to attract more people to it. For this, create a series of posts that will shed light on a specific problem that your product can solve. 

This series of posts will help to prepare the ground for a publication describing your product in detail. 


Medium is an alternative venue for product promotion. It allows you to expand your business by creating and maintaining dedicated posts. The more followers you get on Medium, the more people will get to know your digital products. The stories, gaining popularity, will drive more traffic to your product page at TemplateMonster. 

Upload Freebies

Besides product promotion in social media, you can create a similar version of your premium design but with few features and design options, and start offering it for free. You can add a free product using the Uploader through your author account. The process is similar to the way you upload a premium item to the marketplace. The only difference is that you need to put a checkmark next to “I want to upload this product as FREE” right after you select the product type.

Please mind that uploading an item as a freebie you cannot transform it into a premium product during an update.

Be Consistent and Share Every New Products

Hooray, we have listed the most popular social networks for product promotion. If you follow all these steps, you will have at minimum 7 completely free resources to share your product. Be consistent and persistent; post regularly. As soon as your template, graphic, audio, or video file appears on the marketplace, immediately share it on all the social networks you have. Thus, you will give additional leads, a higher position in category listings, and SEO traffic from search engines.

Thank you for reading; we are looking forward to seeing your stunning profiles and engaging posts!

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