How the New Ticket System Works

06 November 2020

TemplateMonster marketplace launched a fully revamped ticket system, which allows clients to communicate with Authors of the digital products they’ve purchased.

Authors and clients can use the new ticket system only via their personal TemplateMonster accounts, either using desktop devices or tablets and smartphones. Due to the fully responsive design, one can submit a ticket or send a response from any device. 

revamped ticket system
templatemonster revamped ticket system

A client can create only one ticket thread for one product and communicate with the author throughout the entire product support cycle. According to the Author’s Agreement, an author is obligated to provide product support within 6 months since the date of the last purchase disregarding whether the author’s account is closed or it’s active. The product support cycle expires after the period mentioned above. 

Authors have an opportunity to assign technical support operators who will take care of tickets, without providing access to sensitive data. To add a support manager, enter his/her Full Name and email address (as shown on the image below). Once the support manager role is specified, he will be able to assist your customers in the ticket system.

A client can create tickets in the Downloads tab in their personal cabinet. A ticket can be created within 6 months since the date of product purchase.

TemplateMonster support representatives can initiate a ticket instead of a client when a customer comes to live chat for help. Once the ticket is created, a customer can find it in the personal cabinet.

The ticket system features a notification system for a client and author. It is intended to inform both parties about when tickets are created and when a response is received.  

A client can use support requests for as long as the product is supported. Afterward, the ticket is archived, without the possibility to respond to it any longer. 

In the Support Tickets tab, an author can use advanced filters to sort tickets based on such factors as:

  • Last Replied;
  • Product Type;
  • Tag;
  • User Rating;
  • Date Created.

Authors can also search for tickets using the ID (using the ID of the ticket, product, transaction, and product title).

With the purpose to prevent duplicated requests, there is information on who handles the support ticket.

Tickets list features intuitive tags, which indicate whether the ticket was replied or not, and show the number of new posts from a client.

There is also an option to add classification tags and notes to tickets, which facilitates the process of exchanging information between support operators.

Author Support Tips    

According to the marketplace rules, an Author ensures that customers will have access to support services 24/7/365. If a customer experiences Documentation or product-related issues, an Author is committed to providing the best effort for a workaround or a fix. Response time – 24 hours for regular support requests, 12 hours for refund/exchange requests or complaints.

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