Author Support Tips

The following hints will help to keep your clients happy, build a strong reputation, achieve high Support Quality Index and promote your products.

  • Avoid delays. Make a habit of checking the requests from your customers regularly and reply at least once a day. Remember, no one likes to wait forever.
  • Be patient. Sometimes, when people face a problem and need an urgent solution they can get themselves all excited. There’s no need to panic or to take offense. Listen carefully and try to understand what you can do to help, your patience will be rewarded by a grateful customer.
  • Be professional and helpful. When you call your bank you expect to get professional assistance. It’s the same here as it is there. Make sure you’re offering solutions that definitely work.
  • Be nice. It seems to be a simple rule, but sometimes it’s difficult to follow. Don’t forget that people like a positive experience and prefer talking to (and buying from) a nice person. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes each time you want to say something that polite people usually avoid.Treat your customers as you would want to be treated yourself.
  • Offer comprehensive product documentation. The more detailed instructions you provide the less support your buyer will require from you. Make sure your documentation is simple, clear and covers all aspects of your product.
  • Include adequate product description. Add information related to the CMS version and server compatibility (if you sell a CMS product like WordPress, for example), the software required to edit your product and available source files, (like images). If you used a commercial plugin, or your product requires some paid account, make sure you let your buyers know about this before their actual purchase.   
  • Use online translation tools. You are not obliged to provide support in any language other than English, but translating the request and replying in English is always a good move. Don’t ignore requests submitted in different languages. Use online tools to translate them and the customers will definitely appreciate your efforts.  
  • Do not ignore support requests. If someone asks you for help you must realize that it is done for a reason and if you leave a buyer without support it’s the worst mistake you can make. Eventually, it may lead to jeopardizing your mission as an author, so watch out and don’t miss a single request from those who need your support.
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