What Are TemplateMonster Author Badges

10 September 2020

Intending to motivate authors to upload more products and make more sales, TemplateMonster released Author Badges. Now, every Author who earns $100 or more in the marketplace gets a badge and an increased author commission and other rewards*.

Depending on how much Authors earn in the marketplace since they joined TemplateMonster, they can gain the following badges and rewards.

TemplateMonster Author Badges & Rewards


The badge is given to those Authors who earn their first $100 in the marketplace. Together with the badge, an Author receives a package of handy promotional tools from the TemplateMonster marketplace. Consequently, it will help him make more sales and proceed to earn the next badge in the hierarchy.


As soon as the Authors earn $1,000 in the marketplace, they get the HotShot badge. The reward includes:

  • The HotShot badge is added to the Author’s page;
  • a package of promotional initiatives from the marketplace.


When an Author making up $11,000 of revenue, they get the Expert badge. In addition to the badge itself that will be displayed on the Author’s page, you get the following rewards:

  • promotional package from the marketplace;
  • getting Author’s products featured in compilations shared on affiliate resources.


An Author earns the Master badge after earning $25,000. Traditionally, Master Authors gain extra benefits, like: 

  • The Master badge is added to the Author’s page;
  • Promotional services from the marketplace;
  • Featuring Author’s products in affiliate articles published on third-party websites;
  • Additional promotion of Author’s items on platforms like Quora. 

for example, here’s how the Master badge is displayed on the RockThemes’ page:



As soon as an Author earns $50,000 in the marketplace, he or she is assigned the Guru badge, which also includes the following rewards:

  • Promotional package from the marketplace;
  • Including Author’s items in affiliate articles and publishing them on third-party blogs and websites;
  • Additional promotion of Author’s products on platforms like Quora;
  • Featuring Author’s items in a slider on TemplateMonster’s front page.

The more you sell – the higher commission you earn. Upload more items to the marketplace and promote them as much as you can. Every Enthusiast can become a Guru. Just take the first step and try how easy it is to make money with TemplateMonster!

* Please note that the commission rates grow in accordance with exclusive themes sales profit.

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