Trending Explained – Learn How It Works to Get Featured

Sort by Trending is a default product listing view on TemplateMonster. As far as potential clients land on the marketplace, they see the results within this sorting.


No wonder that trending products get most of the clicks and trending authors grab most of the sales. That’s why our authors compete and do their best to be on top of it, and in this tutorial, we will tell you how to do that.

What Is Trending on TemplateMonster

Trending is a concept that refers to items that are popular among users and are in demand at a given time.

We determine the trendiness based on several factors and data that we receive from users. We are unable to publish the exact sorting algorithm. However, we will tell you about the key factors to help you bring products to the top.

There are three main metrics that we use to form a sort. Those are the number of sales, page views, and the buyers’ reviews. Let’s explain each of them in detail so that you could see how it works and adjust your promotion strategy.

1. Number of Sales

Timespan: 1-2 weeks

The more sales a product has recently received, the higher it appears on the page.

We take into account the purchases made in the last 30 days. Moreover, recent purchases carry more weight than those that occurred one or several weeks ago. Keep track of the sales, improve, and advertise your products, and they will have all prospects of hitting the trend.

2. Pageviews and Traffic

Timespan: up to 2 weeks

The second important factor in trend configuration is the number of page views. Product traffic can be increased if you choose the right category, add tags, create proper names, and write unique descriptions. 

More than that, you can make it to the top via external promo, social media sharing, and PPC ads. As soon as you launch an external advertising campaign, the result will be not long in coming. With the growth of visits, the trending coefficient rises, and your item gets better positions on all product listing pages.

3. Product Reviews

Timespan: 1 month

Reviews are also essential in determining popularity. We understand how hard it is to get them. Nevertheless, we value customer opinions very highly and take them into account when make sorting by trend. If they talk about a product, then it is popular. Therefore, the items that have been reviewed within the last month are ranked higher.

Trending for New Products

Timespan: 2 weeks

New products are always hard to compete with bestsellers. Realizing this, we give them a small head start. The first two weeks after publication, new items receive a slight boost. The boost helps them reach the top if they have some sales and traffic from external promotion.

Trending FAQ

How often do you update trending?

We update the sorting every week. Users and authors can see new results every Sunday at approximately 23.30 GMT-4.

Do expert authors get more chances to see their products in trending?

No. We give equal opportunities to all marketplace authors to get their products featured in trending. Even if you are a newbie, you can reach great positions if your items have much traffic, sales, and positive reviews.

How do you calculate product ratings?

We take ratings from the last month and derive an average rating based on a weighted average. It is a complex formula where items with multiple ratings are rated higher than products with only one positive review.

I added a product on Saturday, is one day enough to hit the trend?

It might be enough if you started promoting your product and sent traffic to it immediately after publishing. Besides, new items take an automatic boost. Therefore, the whole next week, its chances to become trending are higher.

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