Key product assessment criteria

Prior to submitting the template, please make sure that the product meets the following requirements:

Avoid copyright violation:

Violation types:

A product, or any of its elements, is used illegally: a person or company representing a product without a copyright ownership;

A author takes the original project of another author and denotes it as a new copyright record.

As a result of checking a template, we discovered fonts, plugins, modules, etc. do not belong to the “open source” category of products. After addressing a person/company that represented a product, a license was not provided.

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The design should be unique and reflect the template’s topic and functionality.

Unique design is the one that highlights the template’s concept and features, with unusual layout, smart placing of blocks and objects and high-quality typography. The template should not look like the majority of similar products.

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Outdated products cannot be accepted for sale.

The template can be rejected if the platform version is too old or no longer supported officially.

If the marketing niche is oversaturated with such types of product/functionality, the template can be rejected. In this case, you can adapt templates to related narrow niche topics.

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The Product Description 

Product Description must be unique and consist of at least 256 characters.

Make sure to remove typos and mistakes from the product description so it could be error-free and readable for customers.

Make sure to remove typos and mistakes from the product description so it could be error-free and readable for customers.

Once you update your product with new features, pages, extensions or modules, you should add the change log to the description with a date of adding the new version of the product and brief description of changes.

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Preview images of the product 

Preview materials of the product should reflect the product’s niche, functionality and topic.

Bright, clear and readable images stand out in the product listing and draw attention to your product.

Even top-quality templates can be rejected because of stretched or poorly designed preview materials.

Please avoid adding promotional text to the product images.

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Template’s content

Uploading, posting, emailing or otherwise transmitting any links leading to third parties, other marketplaces, social network profiles and contact details is prohibited.

The template that includes this information cannot be approved for sale unless the author removes this content.

Dummy content is recommended for use in the template’s demo.

The content of the template should be in English only.

The template’s content, blocks, forms, should look exactly like the live demo after installation. Otherwise, the product is considered misleading.

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Product title

The name of the product should not consist of more than 5-6 words.

Product title should not be generic, custom and unique brandable title is required.

Please do not add the product type to the title.

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Live Demo

The Live Demo should look exactly like an installed template.

The templates that are hosted on free servers cannot be accepted for sale.

The Live Demo should NOT include: online chats, third-party links and contact details, ‘target=”_blank”.


The documentation of the template should be written in good English and include detailed info on how to install, use and edit the product.

The documentation should be placed separately from the product source files.

The compatibility and recommended environment for using your product should be added to the documentation of the product.


The duplicated products cannot be approved for sale.

If you need to resubmit the product, please fix the info of its previous version.

The templates that are already selling on the marketplace should be updated via the existing version of the product.

If the product was removed from sale, please contact us at to restore the product and add the fixed version.

Product details 

Please make sure to add relevant information about your product that will make the item searchable within the TemplateMonster product range and search engines.

This information includes:


Product subject and topics

Meta description

Meta title

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