What if copyright is infringed?

Once the issue of copyright violation arises, the TemplateMonster, as a marketplace, takes the following actions:

  1. The product that is accused of intellectual property rights violation is discontinued the same moment the marketplace team detects the issue.
  2. The author can claim his intellectual property rights within 5 days from the moment he has been notified about the issue.
  3. The payments are temporarily frozen due to the risk of escalations.
  4. The template is out of stock until the author provides the copyright ownership evidence, confirming that the author is authorized to resell the template or its elements.
  5. Once the marketplace receives evidence to conclude that the author is authorized to sell the template, the product is restored on the marketplace and the escalation is completed.
  6. If the author is not able to provide evidence or the discussed term (5 days) is expired with no resolution, the product is permanently removed from sale. Orders with this item are refunded and the author’s commission for selling the product that infringes copyright is deducted from his balance without prior notice.
  7. In the event of any further copyright violations registered, the author’s account is permanently deactivated.
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