Bulk Upload Guidelines for TemplateMonster Authors

TemplateMonster released the Bulk Upload feature to speed up the upload process for authors. It allows users to upload multiple products within the same product type at once. The bulk upload feature is available for all product types: graphics, audio and video assets, presentations, website templates and plugins.    

How do I upload the products with the Bulk Upload feature? 

  • Log in to your TemplateMonster account and open the product uploader
  • Select the product category and choose Bulk Upload: 
  • Install FTP client (for example, FileZilla);
  • Add the archives of your products via FTP using the following details:

Protocol: sftp

Host: sftp.templatemonster.com

Port: 2022

Login: your TemplateMonster account email 

Password: your TemplateMonster account password

Once you add product archives via FTP, you need to add metadata for your products. 

  • In your TemplateMonster account, open “Upload CSV with metadata” tab. Download the sample, fill in all the fields and upload your CSV file. 

Please note: 

  • Only TemplateMonster authors can upload files via FTP. Please upload at least 1 product via the product uploader to unlock bulk upload options. 
  • If you log in with a new IP, you will receive a confirmation email. Please confirm your Login to proceed further. 

How to fill in the CSV file

In your author’s account, you can download a sample CSV file to use as a template. 

For example, check the CSV file for WordPress themes.  

Depending on the product’s type, authors need to add different information about the products that are uploaded via FTP. Below are common fields that authors need to fill in:  

Filename*, Main Image*, Slider Images, Presentational Images, etc  – please enter the titles of the image files that you added via FTP. Follow this link to check requirements for images and promo materials.

Is exclusive – Please set the exclusivity status of your product: 1 if you are willing to sell the product exclusively on TemplateMonster and 0 if not.

Product Name*  – Please use unique names only, refer to our product naming guidelines for more information. Check product naming guidelines

Topics* – The topic stands for the application domain of your item. There are different sets of topics depending on the product’s type, you can view the list in your author’s account in the Bulk Upload settings, in “Upload CSV with metadata” tab. Choose as many topics as are relevant to your product.

Note: Please set only the “Graphics” topic when you upload graphics. 

Description –  We accept the following html tags for product description text: html headings (<h2> – <h4>), paragraphs (<p>), ordered and unordered lists (<ul>, <ol>), bold (<strong>) and <em> to define emphasized text. Please do not add any CSS or additional spaces. 

The text should contain a detailed description of your product and information about the niche where it can be applied. Use relevant keywords to describe your product. HTML and plain text are allowed, special symbols and emojis are not allowed. The recommended length – 512 characters, max length is unlimited. Check how to create compelling product descriptions.

Features – you can check the options for multi select features on our website.

Marketplace-membership – please set “one” if you would like the item to be added to MonsterONE and “none” if you would like to sell templates in TemplateMonster marketplace only.

Is Free product* – please set “template” if you’d like to add the free item and “none” if the product is premium. Follow this link to check the post about adding free products to the marketplace. 

Tags * – Enter a maximum of 20 comma delimited tags, these will help users find your product using the site search. E.g: minimal, clean, modern, eCommerce, store, multipurpose, blog, form, Elementor Builder, etc. Check the product SEO guidelines

Please make sure to add valid info about tools needed to use the product, files included and product’s compatibility in order to avoid confusions and erroneous purchases.

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