Authors FAQs: How To Become A Seller

How do I become an author?

Just register at, log in to your account and click “Become an Author” tab.

How do you upload my products on your site?

At the 1st step name your item, select appropriate product category and upload zip file. Zip must contain product source files, documentation, demo data(if it’s a CMS product), any other files you think the customer will need.

Where can I find theme requirements?

You can find all guidelines regarding the themes’ design and technical details here: Product Archive Structure Requirements.

What theme topics are the most preferable?

We welcome all types of products that you send us. We also email a list of preferred topics upon a request from your profile page. You can subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated on our news and the most popular products in the marketplace or see current list here.

What’s the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive products?

Exclusive themes are sold on our marketplace only. Non-exclusive products can be distributed on both our site and other resources.

May I sell exclusive and non-exclusive themes at the same time?

Yes, you can sell both.

What commission will I get? Will it depend on sales volume?

Author’s commission rate shall start at 50-65% when Author sells an item exclusively on the Company Marketplace of his/her sales revenue and 40-65% for non-exclusive items. When Author elects to sell the products or services on the Company Marketplace on a non-exclusive basis, the sale’s commission shall be at a flat rate of Author’s sales revenue and depends on the product type. The commission that authors of exclusive themes will receive depends on the sales volume.

Starting from September 1, 2020, Authors selling graphics earn a set commission of 65% for both exclusive and non-exclusive items. The same commission is applied to the graphics that were added to the marketplace before September 1. Thanks to the Author-driven pricing system, Authors can decide on their own at what price their graphic design assets will be sold.

Can I change a theme price after it’s uploaded on your site?

Yes, you can submit a request upon changing the theme’s cost via email Later on, this option will be available in the author’s profile.

Will our clients be provided with your pre-sales support?

Yes, your clients can get the relevant support from the Sales department via chat.

Will the Sales department recommend my themes alongside other products?

Yes, the Sales department will recommend your themes together with other items from the marketplace.

Can I provide any kind of additional services with a theme?

No, you cannot provide any additional services.

What licenses will a client receive upon purchasing a theme?

On TemplateMonster there are separate licensing options for Website Templates and Graphics. 
Website templates can be obtained with the following licenses: For 1 Site license, For 5 Sites license and Buyout license. 
The Graphic products are available for sale with Personal and Commercial licenses.  
Learn more about the licensing options here – TemplateMonster licensing options

What’s the procedure to get a refund for an acquired theme?

When a client requests a refund, his request goes to the Ticket System, where it should be resolved by an author in the shortest period of time. If an author cannot offer a solution or reach an agreement with a client, the request can be escalated and Customer Care department representatives will make a final decision regarding such request. If a client gets a refund, then the received commission is deducted from an author’s account balance.

Can I promote products that are not listed on your site?

It’s strictly forbidden to promote competitors’ products, so you cannot offer your clients those products that are not provided on the marketplace.

What is payment processing fee?

Payment processing fee is shared 50/50 between an author and the marketplace. Payment processing systems (e.g. Paypal, Stripe etc) charge 2%-3.9% + $0.30, and the fee mainly depends upon whether the order is a domestic or an international one. Each payment system has its own rates and they may change.

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