TemplateMonster Updated Author Dashboard

TemplateMonster team is working day and night to improve the service for authors selling in the marketplace. To make it more convenient for authors to track their performance and promote products, we have updated the Author Dashboard. Let’s take a closer look at how it works and feels now.

In the author’s account in the Summary (Dashboard) section, we have added new hint blocks for developing the author’s profile and promoting their products. It includes recommendations from the marketplace that will help the author to quickly promote his account and increase sales.

The block shows the level of completeness of the author’s profile.

We have also integrated the author accounts with a convenient tool for sharing your products on social networks.

Next to each product, you can find sharing buttons and convenient sorting options.

The block with achievements is now divided into:

  • Premium Achievements, the presence of which affects the marketing campaigns of the marketplace aimed at promoting the author and his products;
  • and General, which adds trust to the account.

The scale with the author’s income level is also visualized.

All this provides authors with better control over their performance in the marketplace and gives them helpful recommendations and tools for a more effective promotion of their offers. Check the updated Author Dashboard as you log in to your account.

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