Releasing Critical Updates to Digital Products

30 September 2020

Whenever you update an item released in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace, check the Critical Update field if your product update features such vital changes as:

  • major improvements;
  • critical fixes;
  • removing compatibility issues;
  • and other changes that bring special value to your customer.   

What will happen when you check the Critical Update field?

  • You clients will receive an email notification about the update.
  • The Updated date on the product page will also change.

When you release a Critical Update, do not forget to specify the change log details featuring  a list of change and the release date.


Important! TemplateMonster Review Team runs a thorough audit of Critical Updates. Please do not put a tick against this point if your product update features minor changes only, like product description modifications, tweaks in the product presentation, etc.  

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