Reviews & Comments on TemplateMonster Product Pages

User reviews are important for fellow buyers. They provide users with valuable insights into the way the selected products work and feel in action. In most cases, they encourage a potential client to try the selected products in action and complete the browsing session with an order. Keeping this in mind, TemplateMonster has added to the possibility for customers to publish reviews and comments on product pages in the digital marketplace. Starting from August 8, 2021, all comments and user reviews will be instantly published on product pages.

At the same time, the respective Reviews & Comments section is already available in the Author Account. Every time a customer publishes anything on the Author’s product pages, the notification will show up in the dashboard. It’s very convenient to keep track of all reviews and comments in a single place. Moreover, the Author can reply to comments in the same tab.  

Please mind that all user reviews and comments that were submitted after January 1, 2021, will be also added to the Reviews & Comments tab in the Author Account.

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