Overview: Your Author Account

Click the “Account” button at the top right corner of the web page Author Cabinet. Enter your login details or register.

The following sections can be found on the left hand of the main panel of the Author Cabinet:

  • Products
  • Downloads
  • Billing
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Support Tickets
  • Public Profile
  • Settings
  • Become an Author (for new authors)


This section contains information about all products that an author uploaded to the marketplace (these include the current status, number of views, number of downloads, commission from each sale, a product design index, technical support rating, user rating, and the number of tickets placed in regards to a specific product).

“Upload New Product” button is placed at the top right corner of the same section. With its help, an author can upload new products to the personal account.

For a quick product upload, you can also click the “plus” icon next to the Products tab.

Click on the “three dots” icon put to the right of a specific product, and you will see a drop-down menu containing the options to pause/edit/disable the digital product.


The section contains all author’s purchases in the marketplace.


The section contains the author’s financial details.

Transactions tab reveals all sales and money withdrawal requests.

Click Request Money Withdrawal to transfer money from your account in the Money Withdrawal tab.

Authors can choose from several money withdrawal options. There is also an option to change billing details with the help of Edit Billing Info and Withdrawal Info at the top right corner.

Your Product Purchases tab contains information about all digital products that an author sold on the marketplace (this include the name and type of product, date sold, transaction ID, commission from the sale (in percentage and money terms). There is an option to filter digital products by date/type, which streamlines the search.

Reviews & Ratings

The section contains an author’s rating and reviews of digital products available in the marketplace. All product reviews added to this section are displayed on the website after moderation.

Support Tickets

All technical support tickets are created, stored and processed in this section. The top bar contains an author’s technical support quality icon.

Create a Ticket button is placed at the top right corner of the page. Clicking on it, an author can create a product technical support request (this refers to the products from the Downloads section, the ones that an author bought on the marketplace).

There are 2 tabs:

Tickets to me – the tab contains all technical support requests for the digital products that an author uploaded to the marketplace. An author supports such tickets on his own.

Tickets from me – the tab contains all technical support tickets that an author created to support digital products purchased from other authors in the marketplace (i.e. products from the Downloads section).

Public Profile

The section contains all information from the author’s profile. This is a place where an author can add a profile picture, cover photo, name, description, country, and public username. An author can also add links to social media profiles in the Let Your Customers Get to Know You tab.


User/author details can be added/edited in this section (i.e. email, password, phone number, payment details, links to social media accounts, etc.).

Become an Author

Only potential authors who upload their products to the marketplace can see this section. During every subsequent visit, the section will be replaced with the “plus” icon placed next to the Products section.

The section includes a product field. Right below it an author enters the product name and chooses the product category in the drop-down menu.

Some product contain a field to enter live demo URL.

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