What Is Paid Technical Support Renewal?

19 February 2021

Paid technical support renewal is a new functionality presented by the TemplateMonster digital marketplace. It aims to establish transparent and mutually beneficial relationships between clients and authors.

According to the updated support policy,  all authors in the marketplace are obliged to provide basic support for their products within 6 months from the date of purchase without charging an additional fee. After 6 months, the client can no longer communicate with the author through tickets in his account, and the author is released from the obligation to provide basic technical support to this client. However, customers often need to access the authors’ basic support 6 months after the date of purchase of a web design product. The author, in turn, is motivated by earning additional income.

Thus, the marketplace lets authors provide basic support for their products for an additional fee 6 months after the date a customer purchased their products.

What does the technical support renewal service include? 

The author provides technical support in the same format and on the same terms as in the first 6 months from the date when a client purchased the product. Find more details about the author’s obligations here.

How is the technical support price formed and how is the Author / Marketplace commission calculated?

The price is formed based on the product cost.

technical support renewal

The author earns 70% of the service cost.

Marketplace reserves 30% of the technical support renewal price.

Attention! The cost of technical support renewal is not affected during promo campaigns in the marketplace.

How can authors manage sales settings of technical support renewal service?

Technical support renewal for the next 6 months is carried out at the discretion of the author.

To manage sales settings of technical support service, an author should take the following steps: 

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab in the author cabinet.
  2. Adjust the “Support of your products” option according to their preferences. Choosing “Yes” means that a client will be able to purchase a technical support renewal for all products of the author.

“No” means that a client is prohibited to purchase the technical support renewal service.

* This option is enabled by default at “Yes.” If you are an author and do not want to sell technical support, please switch it to “No.”

** The selected value of this option does not affect such types of products as Graphics, Presentations, Audio, Video, 3D. There is no opportunity to sell technical support renewals for such products in the marketplace. 

3. When the “Support of your products” option is enabled by default at “Yes,” an author can disable the sale of technical support for single products. 

This requires you to take the following steps: 

  1. open the “Products” tab in the author account;
  2. select a product and open it in the Uploader mode;
  3. switch to “No” in the “Support Options” tab.

Attention! When the “Support of your products” is switched to “No,” the author cannot enable the sale of single products’ technical support renewal service. If the author wants to add the paid support service to at least one product, the “Support of your products” options should be set at “Yes.”

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