How to handle customers’ requests in the ticket system?

This article contains short instructions and recommendations for handling customers’ requests.

We are constantly working on improving user experience and recently added an option to process support requests in our ticket system. This will help you support your products easier.

1. Support request submission

Once a buyer creates a ticket request (using the “Create ticket” button), it will appear in the author department  of the support ticket system. In your author department you will be able to manage and reply tickets submited by the customers. Once you receive a new request you just need to click the selected ticket to open it, type a reply and then press the “Send” button.  During reply you will be able to select an appropriate  ticket status. We recommend keeping it as “Open” untill problem is fully resolved and customer confirmed it.   

Support request submission

2. Grammar and Style

Please stick to the business English style, common grammar and punctuation rules. In order to make your communication with customers smooth, and provide customers with the highest level of service, avoid using informal language and colloquial expressions.

3. Recommended Response Time

Recommended response time to customers of TemplateMonster marketplace is up to 24 hours. Recommended response time for addressing complaints and refund requests is up to 12 hours. Overall quality of author’s support and buyer’s satisfaction will directly influence author’s support quality index (SQI). Failure to provide proper level of support may result in disabling your author account at Templatemonster.

If it happens that author will not reply to customer’s request in a timely manner (within 48 hours), the Customer care representative of the marketplace may contact the author directly.

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