Setting up your author’s account

Public profile page is one more way to introduce yourself to customers, so we recommend keeping it accurate and good-looking.

The public profile contains all information about the seller, such as the quantity and type of products, social media links, sales, and ratings.

Do not miss an opportunity to let customers know about you and your products!

Please fill in the following information in your public profile:

Your email – Enter your valid email address, to which you will receive notifications from us. Your email address will be your login as well. 

Password – Choose a secure password to access your public profile. It may contain both letters and numbers. 

Public name – Choose wisely. The public name will be displayed on the product pages of your templates, your support department will be named after your public name and soon it will become a recognizable sign of your brand.

The public name is added during the first product submission in the uploader, it can contain only A-Z letters, numbers 0-9 or underscore.

Your country – Specify the country where you/your web design studio are located. 

Profile picture – A small-size image that will be displayed on the public profile page and on the product pages. Please upload a round or square image, at least 80 x 80 px, in one of the following formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG.

p.s. just in case you do not have a logo or an image that you can use as your profile picture – no worries! You can use avatars from this here. Feel free to download the archive and select an avatar for your profile picture.

Featured image – The image that will be displayed on your public profile. Minimum resolution is 576 x 360 px, but we recommend at least 1700 x 1060 px. Maximum size of every image: 30 Mb

Description – A short text about the author. To add the description, use a simple WYSIWYG content editor. It’s up to you to decide what information you’d like to add to this field. You may share your brand’s story, when and how it launched. You may also provide a list of products that you develop and share interesting insights that will appeal to your audience. Please avoid using duplicate content, posting third-party links, links to competitive markets and contact details.

Social media links – If you connect to a social account, it will be shown on your public page on TemplateMonster. It will help you grow your social media follower base and keep users updated on your new releases. Add the links to your social media account and click on the connect button. 

Featured products – Choose up to 8 products that you have released in the marketplace. Use the advanced filters to browse items by category or see the newest items first. Alternatively, you can search by product ID or title.  These items will be displayed on your public profile page. 

Choose reviews – In the author’s public profile, you may choose up to 5 user reviews that will be displayed on your public profile page. Filter them by grade and choose the ones that improve your brand trust and show the quality of your products.

If you need to change any of the above settings, please open the “Public Profile” tab in your account. In case you have any additional questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us right away.

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