How Does The Product Booster Work?

08 September 2021

TemplateMonster marketplace launches the Product Booster functionality for authors (it’s accessible from your “Products” section) that allows boosting the position of a chosen product by pushing it up through the Trending list.

To turn on Product Booster, you need to click on the “Product Booster” link.

Right after that, a popup window will appear.  

In the dropdown selector, you can fine-tune a share of your author commission that you can invest in the boosting process, choosing from 3 to 15%. In other words, we will deduct from 3 to 15% from your author commission in favor of a higher position in the “Trending” list.

The more you invest, the higher position you will get.

When you activate the boosting process, the new status will be reflected on the product preview in your account.

The Trending list needs some time to re-process the rating of all templates, including the rating of the boosted products. When everything is set and your product rating is recalculated, the status will be changed to the following one.

“Cancel the Product Booster” status means that the boosting is active, and you have an option to cancel it at any time you want, without any consequences.

Please note! The Product Booster can be turned on for an unmeasured period; we recommend you to test this option using various percentage values since it can deliver different results for different product types and topics.

Product Topics Matter

The Product Booster is a perfect opportunity for established products to get more exposure that will result in more sales. The topic of a template also makes a difference when moving through the trending list. The idea is pretty simple, but it needs to be voiced.

When someone checks the first page of the Trending list, they will see a bunch of boosted products with the highest performance. Still, if they narrow down the results (filtering out some topic), they will see boosted templates from the filtered topic that did not reach the first (second, or even third) page of the Trending section. Within a single topic, boosted products can get a lot more views than they ever had.

Also, we recommend you to try this feature on the newly added products because they can get more views and sales.

How to Tell if a Product is Boosted?

When the Product Booster is activated for some product, it will get the badge TOP.

Additional Product Booster Tips

  1. High-performance products will easily get higher in the Trending list with the Booster turned on.
  2. If you have many templates that cover a single topic, turning on Booster for all of them won’t make a large difference for your Trending positions. You need to choose the best-performing template from each of your topics and boost it.
  3. Templates with more views get more sales, and overall, this increases your organic trending position. The higher your organic trending position is, the higher your product can be lifted using the Product Booster.

P.S. Currently, the “Product Booster” is in a pilot phase, and based on the preliminary tests, it promises to be extremely efficient for established products.

P.P.S. The trending list rating is recalculated once every 24 hours, so when you turn on the Booster, don’t expect your product to get a new position instantly.

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