The Procedure of Accepting Authors’ Products by Review Team

02 November 2020

Every time Authors upload new products to the digital marketplace, they are due to a thorough review by the TemplateMonster team. Every week the review team releases 800-1000 items. The number of new releases will grow bigger in the nearest future. 

TemplateMonster team carefully reviews every product to match the following criteria: 

Product titles and URL addresses. Every item should feature a unique product name. An exception to the rule can be corporate themes where some product names can be repeated. The review team also checks where you host the Live Demo of your item. It shouldn’t be hosted on free hosting services like, For example, you may host your website at When checking item titles, we ensure they follow product naming guidelines. 

Product uniqueness, which includes:

  • Checking product description for plagiarism;  
  • Reviewing theme images from Slider Media and Presentation Media;
  • The same procedure is applied to images on product pages; 
  • Making certain that product footer or contact page features unique contact lists; 
  • Checking different unique text that can be indexed by search engines; 
  • Running search based on the product and vendor name. 

Product category and product type. Checking if the product images and files from the pack match the category chosen by an Author. We also ensure that the product archive is structured according to our guidelines. 

Tags and features. The Review team checks if the chosen tags are relevant to the item, and the listed features are available in the product. 

Image validity and product description. Images should be of high quality and not stretched. The product description should be unique and contain at least 256 characters. 

Demo check. The demo should be relevant to the product that the Author uploaded for review. The Review Team may check the software if the demo doesn’t match the theme. Ir our iFrame or browser cannot display an HTTP domain, an Author may be asked to install HTTPS (SSL).

Besides the aforementioned factors, Authors should ensure that:

  • The product pack structure matches TemplateMonster guidelines. There should be no external links to other websites, emails, or notices of other marketplaces. 
  • Live Demo shouldn’t include target=”_blank” attribute (only Shopify themes may feature it). 
  • Detailed English product documentation should be attached. 
  • There should be a working contact form and Google Map widget. 
  • The item should be responsive and cross-browser compatible. 
  • Plagiarism check. 
  • Live Demo should match the item submitted for review. 

If your product was rejected, it’s likely it didn’t meet the marketplace requirements. See the most common reasons for product improvement requests

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