Website Template Pricing Guidelines for Authors

25 February 2021
  1. Website Template Pricing – How to Sell Products at Custom Price
  2. How to Decide on the Item’s Price?
  3. How to Set and Edit the Price Tag
  4. Commissions to Sell Web Templates in the Marketplace

In the TemplateMonster digital marketplace, authors have the freedom to manage website template pricing on their own. It means that authors can set their own price tag for products sold in such categories as website templates, eCommerce templates, and graphics. The number of product categories that support author-driven prices keeps on growing, which lets authors attract more customers and multiply their earnings.

Website Template Pricing – How to Sell Products at Custom Price

TemplateMonster offers authors to set author-driven prices for Shopify and Opencart themes, web themes, as well as graphics:

  • WordPress themes – recommended price range is $39 – $69; the lowest price in the category – $29
  • WooCommerce themes – recommended price range is $59 – $79; the lowest price in the category – $39
  • Joomla themes – recommended price range is $30- $49; the lowest price in the category – $29
  • HTML5 Templates – Available price range in this category: $19 – $999; recommended price is $29 – $60
  • Landing Page Templates – Available price range in this category: $16 – $999; recommended price is $19
  • Admin Templates – Available price range in this category: $16 – $999; recommended price is $19 – $29
  • Newsletter Templates – Available price range in this category:  $14 – $199; recommended price is $17
  • Specialty Pages – Available price range in this category: $5 – $99; recommended price is $19 – $39
  • OpenCart Themes – Available price range is $39 – $999; the average recommended price is $45 – $78.
  • Shopify Themes – Available price range is $39 – $999 per item; the average recommended price is $45 – $78.
  • PrestaShop themes – Available price range is $39 – $999; the recommended price is $49 – $98.

How to Decide on the Item’s Price?

  1. Start with the modern market analysis. Visit different marketplaces to see products that are similar to yours.
  2. Study the features. Take a closer look at the feature’s list to decide if you want to keep the theme in line with flagships.
  3. Look for trends. Think of the design solutions. Does your product have an exclusive appearance with trendy UX/UI elements? Did you use any voguish color palettes for web design components?
  4. Value your item. Look at your features list to decide if it has all the relevant must-haves. How many templates or demos the theme contains? Are there several design variations? How valuable is your product? Is it a niche-oriented theme or people can use it for various kinds of websites? Does it have any unique options?
  5. Estimate your time and experience. Think of how many hours or even days it took you to craft the product. Was it a challenging process? Did you buy any helpful features, add-ons, or other supporting tools to create the theme?
  6. Sum everything up. Mind average prices, latest requirements, web design trends, and your experience to decide which revenue you should get.

Now it’s time to figure out how you will make money on the marketplace.

Please mind that the commission for exclusive items also depends on the sales volume. The more people buy your product, the higher commission you get. For example, here is how the commission of WordPress themes & website templates, Magento themes, PrestaShop themes, OpenCart templates, Joomla templates & WooCommerce themes, other product types will change:

Sales volumeCommission
$500–1 00051%
$1 000–1 50052%
$1 500–2 20053%
$2 200–3 20054%
$3 200–4 80055%
$4 800–7 00056%
$7 000–10 00057%
$10 000–15 00058%
$15 000–22 00059%
$22 000–30 00060%
$30 000–39 00061%
$39 000–49 00062%
$49 000–59 00063%
$59 000–70 00064%
$70 000+65%

How to Set and Edit the Price Tag

Authors can set the price tag of their products while uploading items in the Personal Account. While adding your product to the marketplace, you’ll be asked to add a description, product name, demo, screenshots, and other details that will help you promote your product efficiently. Among many other things, you’ll be asked to specify at what price you’d like your digital product to be sold. The suggested price should help with the decision-making process.

Authors can also modify the price of products that are already released in the marketplace. To change the price tag, an author needs to pick the necessary item in the personal account and submit changes via an Update.

Commissions to Sell Web Templates in the Marketplace

There are different commission rates for selling web templates exclusively and non-exclusively. You can get up to 70% author’s commission when selling products only in the marketplace.

The commission rate will be 40% if you sell the items in the TemplateMonster Marketplace and other platforms.

Would you like to sell Shopify themes? Check the next point, as this product type allows setting author-driven prices. The table below shows how much money you can earn, depending on the product type.

Product type% for selling exclusively% for selling non- exclusively
WordPressWP theme
WooCommerce theme
Elementor template50-65%40%
HTMLWebsite template50-65%40%
Landing page template, Newsletter template, Admin template, Specialty page, Muse template50-65%40%
eCommercePrestaShop & Magento theme50-65%40%
Shopify theme, OpenCart template, BigCommerce theme, MotoCMS eCommerce template50-65%40%
VirtueMart template, ZenCart template50-65%40%
CMSJoomla template50-65%40%
MotoCMS 3 template, MotoCMS HTML template, Drupal template50-65%40%
PluginWordPress plugin, PrestaShop module, Javascript element, Magento extension50-65%40%
PresentationPowerPoint template, Keynote template, Google slides, Infographic element65%65%
GraphicsLogo template, PSD template, Iconset template, Font, Resume template (printable), UI element, Gallery template, Font, Unbounce template, App template, Sketch template, Certificate template, Corporate identity template, Product mockup, Social media template, Illustration (vector), Pattern, T-shirt design, Animated banner, Magazine template65%65%
VideoAfter Effects template, Premiere Pro template, Motion Graphics template, Final Cut Pro template, DaVinci Resolve template, Stock video, Stock Motion graphics65%65%
AudioStock music, Logos and idents, Sound effect65%65%

Website Template Pricing – FAQ

What’s the reason to set lower website template pricing?

If you are a new author in the marketplace, it may be difficult to compete with other authors who have been selling at TemplateMonster for a while. If you want your products to get noticed and increase your sales, then lower website template pricing will work. Besides, it increases the chances of your web design assets to be featured in Trending.

What commission an author receives after setting a lower website template pricing?

Author’s commission rate shall start at 50% – 65% when Author sells an item exclusively on the Company Marketplace of his/her sales revenue and 40% for non-exclusive items. The commission also depends on the sales volume – starting from 50% for the first $0–500 you earn in the marketplace, and up to 65% for $70 000+.

Can TemplateMonster authors set high website template pricing?

Authors may feel free to decide on the price tag of their products. It may be as high as they wish. If an author has already gained a reputation in the marketplace and users actively buy his product, he may set a high website template pricing. However, while setting a high price tag an author should keep an eye on stats.

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