Guide for TemplateMonster Affiliates

  1. Module 0. Affiliate Program Intro
  2. Module 1. Getting Started with the Affiliate Admin Panel
  3. Module 2. Promotional Tools

Module 0. Affiliate Program Intro

TemplateMonster Affiliate Program was launched in 2003. 

It welcomes everyone to join and become a partner, including bloggers, YouTubers, Authors in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace, freelancers, designers, marketing specialists, and everyone else who is connected to the process of creation and launch of business projects. 

General Terms of the Affiliate Program:

  • Affiliate partners earn a 30% commission for the 1st purchase that a user places with a referral link and a 10% commission for the next orders placed by the same users; 
  • Commission withdrawal – an affiliate partner can withdraw the minimum amount of $100 in 5-10 business days;
  • All products sold in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace and the ONE by TemplateMonster can be promoted as part of the Affiliate Program;
  • Affiliate partners can use many free affiliate tools, including articles, video content, social media posts, product featuring, post inclusions, popups, banners, and more. 

Affiliate Program Benefits: 

  • The affiliate program managers will assist you in any question that may arise, including what affiliate tools work better for you, money withdrawal, etc.;
  • A useful admin panel lets you track sales and traffic, download affiliate tools, set up affiliate campaigns, etc.; 
  • There is also a 5% commission for sub-affiliates;
  • Affiliate partners get all tools they need for more effective promotion of affiliate products; 
  • Affiliate partners can earn a commission from selling web themes and ONE Membership’s plans;
  • The Affiliate Program gets better all the time.  

Module 1. Getting Started with the Affiliate Admin Panel

In this module, we’ll take a look at the affiliate partners’ admin panel structure.

You can find the unique affiliate link displayed on all pages of the Admin panel. It’s the URL address that should be used to promote all products from the marketplace and ONE Membership. 

Every affiliate partner has their unique affiliate link. It’s the key tool that lets you track your sales and count earnings. 

To promote TemplateMonster digital marketplace, your affiliate link may look something like this:

For a web theme from the marketplace:

For ONE Membership:

Main page. An affiliate partner can do the following on the main page of the affiliate admin panel: 

  • Track sales and traffic stats (check the number of clicks and the total amount of sales) and check graphs;
  • Find contact details of a personal affiliate manager (email, Skype, social media pages);
  • Read useful articles about affiliate program;
  • Check news (promos, new products, etc.);
  • Come across general information about promo materials and reports. 

Getting Started

There are three sections in the tab: 

  1. Promotion tips 

Here you can find general recommendations about the promotion of affiliate links. The section will be updated with new recommendations. 

2. Frequently asked questions

3. Advanced tracking

To reach better results, you need to know what channels work better for you. There are several ways to find it out. You can experiment with putting banners in different places on your site. You can also set up PPC campaigns using the same affiliate link and check which ones will bring you the biggest number of clicks and sales. 

Personal Details

It’s the section where you are asked to provide your personal details, set up a password, add links to your website, etc. 

Payment Details

In the Payment Details tab, you can find all the needed information about the steps you should take to verify your profile, withdraw commission, set up payment details, etc. It takes 5-10 business days to withdraw your affiliate earnings through such payment methods as Paypal or WebMoney, Wire Transfer.

Payouts to me

The tab includes all details about your affiliate earnings and history of payouts. 

Daily Report

Check daily reports of impressions, clicks, and sales generated by your affiliate link. 


Here you can find all reports about your affiliate campaigns’ performance, watch sales count, the number of clicks/impressions/ CTR for a chosen period, and commissions that you earn per clicks and sales. You can also check what banners have proven to be the most effective for your affiliate campaign in the Reports tab.  There are also reports based on different channels, sub-affiliate sales, top referrer URL, clicks list, etc. 


In the Promotion tab, you can set up affiliate promotions and find links to all the needed promotion tools through campaigns, banners & links, articles & showcases, and YouTube promotion. You can manage advanced tracking and use multiple ad channels. 

Module 2. Promotional Tools

In this module, we are going to discuss the most effective tools provided by the affiliate program. Below, you can find affiliate marketing tools for affiliates and partners.



Article updates (inclusions)

Updating blog posts is one of the most effective affiliate marketing tools. It can not only keep your web resource always up-to-date but also bring you more sales. 

How to choose the right articles for inclusions: 

  • Pick the most popular blog posts using such popular SEO tools as Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest, etc. 
  • Create content relevant to the topic of the chosen blog post (texts, URLs, visuals).
  • To get the blog post’s maximum value, put information about TempplateMonster somewhere at the beginning of the article. Ensure that you use your referral link. 
  • Update the article and leave it featured on the main page of your blog.
  • It’s vital to update several blog posts at once. As a rule, our affiliate update 10 best articles on their blogs. 
  • Watch the results.
  • Make it a good habit to update blog posts regularly. 

New Articles 

Now, let’s discuss what types of posts you can use in your affiliate marketing campaign. Also, let’s find out how to write a compelling title and what major rules you should follow while working on your content. 

There are two major types of affiliate blog posts: 

  • educational – guides on how to create and launch business projects, web design trends, the most effective approaches to products promotion, the most common web design errors, website construction checklists, interviews, etc.;
  • articles about products – theme reviews, theme collections, product comparisons, how-to instructions on installing and using themes, etc.

The first thing that you should do while choosing the topic of a new blog post is to ensure there are no duplicates. Examine comments on your blog posts, views, and sharings. It will help you evaluate your customers’ interests. 

It’s vital to create unique and valuable content. Try to keep stick to the following recommendations:

  • A blog post should contain at least 1000 words;
  • Choose the target keywords based on the topic of your article (SEO tools like Ubersuggest and Agrefs will help you choose the right keywords for your blog post);
  • Ensure the keyword is used in the title, first paragraph, in at least on H2 subheading at least, in at least one H3 subheading. The keyword density should be 0.5%-1% of your article, which is about 6-8 uses. 
  • It’s vital to use visuals, tables, and videos in your blog post. 

You will get better results by sharing your article on social media, email newsletters, and other platforms. 

Animated and Static Banners

The visual presentation of your banners plays an important role. Every detail matters, including text fonts and colors, the button’s CTA and color, etc. 

While choosing an animated banner, ensure that it doesn’t slow down your blog’s loading speed. 


It’s vital to know where to draw the line. Ensure that you make it possible for your customers to close the popup. Ensure that the popup isn’t too big. You can also feature discount codes on your popups. 

Top bar

The top bar is placed on all pages of your site. It may feature a discount code that your customers can copy and use at the checkout. Think of a catching CTA that would keep your customers engaged and motivated to order from you. 

Featuring web themes on your blog

You can add a separate section to your blog to feature web themes from TemplateMonster and ONE Membership, with products’ URLs, images, and descriptions. 


Video is the primary tool for YouTube affiliates. While sharing video content, add a referral link to the description below your video and in the comments. Provide your subscribers with discount codes on the products that you promote. Do not forget to communicate with your audience and post videos regularly based on users’ preferences. 

Social media posts. Work on quality visual content and texts that would capture your followers’ attention. While working on your social media content plan, create a wise promotional strategy, share posts regularly, and create quality texts and visuals. Stay in touch with your audience, reply to the comments, go live, conduct surveys, etc. 

Interact with your audience while running quizzes and giveaways

Take care of lainching quizzes that would appeal to your audience. Work on banners, questions, an interesting topic, etc. 

Authors in the TemplateMonster marketplace 

Authors can make more money while joining the affiliate program. The commission they earn from every sale can make up 95%, which is a 65% authors’ commission and 30% affiliate fee. The affiliate program provides all tools that are needed for the promotion of the chosen products. Pick the most relevant solutions based on the web resource that you run (blog, YouTube channel, social media, etc.). 

Web Studios 

A web stidio can earn a 10% discount on any web theme they wish. There is no limit in terms of the number of the promo-code usages and its validity. 

Partners (relevant services)

Afffilaite tools also include landing pages for partners where they can promote TemplateMonster’s products at a special price. The marketplace helps partners promote their landing pages and boost sales. 

Partners can also run quizzes and promo campaigns that will provice all parties with multiple benefits – affiliates can increase sales, and customers can buy quality web design products at a lower price. 

Affilaite tools for partners also include:

  • Regular exchanges of blocks in email newsletters;
  • Regular exchange of social media posts;
  • Exchanging blog posts and article inclusions.
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