Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern your participation in TemplateMonster’s Affiliate Program. Every partner is required to get familiar with the following information and fulfill each point.

1. Program Overview

The affiliate program is an instrument that allows specific web users groups to get their passive income. These include bloggers, YouTubers, freelancers, web-studios, and other related companies. In other words, all the people who are engaged in promoting different business projects will find the program useful. As a result, one starts earning money by promoting his or her affiliate ID.

The affiliate ID is a specific URL including the unique referral ID. Due to it, the program tracks the traffic and sales. The referral link is a specific URL including the individual affiliate ID. It has the following structure:, where affiliate will be your referral ID.

Keep in mind that the affiliate program works for two projects: TemplateMonster and MonsterONE.

2. Enrollment in the Program

To join the affiliate program, one needs to go through the registration process. It is necessary to share personal information, some additional information, and payout methods. 

After this, the partner gets access to the affiliate panel. It is powered by Post Affiliate Pro

This service makes it possible to keep track of traffic, sales statistics, send payout requests, get available promotional tools, as well as find answers to the frequently asked questions. 

Cookies are valid for 60 days. In other words, the customer needs to purchase our digital item or service within 60 days after the initial click-through. In addition to this, the program follows the “first cookie wins” model. It means that the customer links to the affiliate whose link he or she has clicked for the first time.

Please mind that when a customer visits without using affiliate cookies, he is assigned cookies from the TemplateMonster marketplace. Even after a customer places an order using an affiliate link afterward, the purchase won’t count as an affiliate sale because the customer already visited TemplateMonster marketplace before.

TemplateMonster and MonsterONE use the same cookies. In the future, cookies policy may undergo some changes.

2.1 Promotional Instruments

Every affiliate can take advantage of various promotional instruments in their promotional campaign. These include not only links, but also banners, articles, showcases, ready-made videos, updates of existing posts, social media posts, pop-ups, and hello-bars.

2.2. Ready-Made Shop (RMS)

Besides signing up to the TemplateMonster affiliate program, you can also install an RMS theme on your website and sell products from the marketplace under the white label agreement. RMS is a different type of partnership. Whenever a customer buys a web design asset on your site, he/she is not redirected anywhere. The order is completed on your site, without a customer knowing that the chosen item was released in the marketplace. An affiliate partner earns a 30% commission from every order users place on your shop (it includes the first and all consecutive orders placed on your site).

If you need more details about RMS or have any questions, feel free to send your queries to  

3. Program Commission

The affiliate gets 30% commissions from all new visitors referred sales. Please mind that affiliates do not receive commissions for the sales made by our loyal and returning clients. When it comes to referred affiliates (or sub-affiliates), one gets a 5% commission.

You are not allowed to register yourself as a sub-affiliate. In case one attempts to do this, we have the right to end the affiliate membership, stop his other affiliate accounts, and withhold all his unpaid commissions.

Please mind:

  • The TemplateMonster affiliate program doesn’t cooperate with CPA networks AT ALL.
  • The marketplace sets custom affiliate terms for every coupon site we work with. Affiliate program managers create custom codes for every coupon site that was approved. To get a coupon code, please contact your manager. 

4. Referral Fees Payouts

When affiliate partners send commission withdrawal requests, they should verify personal details within 10 business days. Otherwise, their accounts will be disabled.

The minimum payout amount that can be transferred is $100. The available commission payout methods are PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, and WebMoney. It takes up to 5-10 business days after the request to process the commission. In case we need to verify some important details or check the affiliate for the illegal activity, it might take a little bit longer. We can postpone the payment if the applicant does not respond through the communication means specified in the profile. If the applicant cannot explain his or her promotional activity and prove them to be legitimate, we have the right to block the money requests. If the sum exceeds the minimum transfer of $100, one can get the money via PayPal or WebMoney. One will get the commission within 5-10 business days after the request if the money sum exceeds the minimum amount  of $500 for Wire Transfer payments .

When the partner requests a payout for the first time, he or she needs to go through the personal details verification process. It is possible to confirm the personal information using any identity document copy (the passport, driver’s license, or another document).

4.1. Commission Withdrawal Options

There are 2 commission withdrawal options available to TemplateMonster affiliates:

  • regular payments, which an affiliate partner receives monthly as soon as the minimum withdrawal amount is earned;
  • manual – payments that are sent upon an affiliate’s request.  

When new members sign up to the affiliate program, they have the freedom to choose between two commission withdrawal options. It’s set as default settings that TemplateMonster affiliates will receive regular payments once a month. If an affiliate wants to request payments manually, he needs to disable regular payments in the affiliate panel.

Regular payments are sent from the 15th to the 20th day of each month. On the 15th day of the month, the previous month’s commission will be changed. For example, on February 15, an affiliate will receive changes for all orders that were placed in January.

Manual payments submitted upon an affiliate’s request will be sent from the 20th to 25th day of the month every month. An affiliate can send a commission withdrawal request up to the 20th day of each month, inclusively.

5. Affiliate Obligations

TemplateMonster reserves the right to block accounts that stay inactive for 6 months or more. It relates to a customer, author, and affiliate accounts.

We can deactivate an account if an affiliate partner stays inactive for a year (meaning they neither logged in to the admin panel nor generated traffic or sales.)

If the affiliate partner violates the rules of the affiliate program (e.g., uses branded keywords in their promo campaigns), TemplateMonster can disable affiliate account and discharge their commissions.

All information provided in your affiliate account must be real. Furthermore, you can create only one affiliate account. One needs to be ready to verify hisy personal info at any time. The partner might need to show one or more official government or legal documents to confirm his or her identity. These include the passport, driver’s license, national ID card, or other legal document copies. If one fails to provide the required information, we have the right to terminate the account and withhold all the unpaid commissions.

The affiliates may NOT bid for ‘templatemonster’ and ‘motocms’ or variations or misspellings in PPC programs such as Google Adwords. You may NOT use forwarding or masking your domain name when directing your domain name’s visitors to our site.

This is the list of branded keywords you MUST avoid in advertising:

  • templatemonster
  • templatemonsters
  • monstertemplate
  • monstertemplates
  • monsterstemplate
  • monster
  • monsters
  • monstroid
  • monstroid2
  • zemez
  • woostroid
  • storycle
  • multifly
  • intense
  • beclinic
  • eveprest
  • storeflex
  • motocms
  • MotoCMS3
  • moto
  • Jetimpex
  • темплейтмонстер
  • темплейтмонстерс
  • монстерс
  • монстер
  • земез
  • монстроид
  • монстроид2
  • вустроид
  • сторикл
  • мультифлай
  • интенс
  • биклиник
  • евепрест
  • сторфлекс
  • мото
  • мотоцмс
  • джетимпекс
  • 24.storycle
  • buildwall
  • gravitas
  • imperion
  • johnnygo
  • monstertheme
  • naturio
  • nextprest
  • vente
  • templatemonster one
  • templatemonster membership
  • templatemonster one discount
  • one by templatemonster
  • one membership

After signing up for the affiliate program, it is necessary to identify the site or sites you want to use for your promotional campaign. There are several cases that allow us to reject the request. Your website is not eligible for our program if:

  • it promotes any kind of discrimination (based on sex, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability or age) or violence-related topics;
  • it promotes our digital products or services in a way that can mislead other users or provide them with incorrect information;
  • it has some illegal activities or includes content considered to be offensive by us;
  • it does not provide any content, does not work at all, or has a parked domain;
  • it violates any copyrights, infringes trademark and other intellectual property rights;
  • it uses third-party websites between our resource and affiliate’s site;
  • it has any variations or misspellings of the “templatemonster” domain;
  • it uses software that can enable diversions of commission from other affiliates who participate in the program;
  • it has the same design or resembles the design of our site and makes people think that they visit our resource.

Moreover, there are some promotional methods that we consider to be unsuitable.

  1. First of all, one must not send spam messages. The use of electronic messaging systems to send any unsolicited bulk messages is not appropriate.
  2. Cookie stuffing techniques are not allowed. These include techniques that generate hidden forced clicks without the knowledge of the visitor. As an example, these are iframe, images, pop-up, javascript, flash-based cooking stuffing, and others).
  3. It is possible to use Google Adwords and other PPC campaigns to promote your affiliate ID. However, you may not bid for “templatemonster” variations and misspellings. Do not forward or mask your domain name when you direct your visitors to our resource.

Finally, it is essential to agree with us if you need to transfer the affiliate account ownership to another person. We have the right to check the link placement and approve the use of any other promotional tools. You are the one who is responsible for your site, its design, development, operation, and all the published content. it should be kept in mind that any violation of the Agreement might lead to the affiliate account termination and unpaid commission withheld.

Those partners, who purchase ready-made templates for themselves (self-referrals), are not the affiliate program participants. Self-referrals receive a 10% discount off their purchase of any product in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace. To get a promo-code, one needs to get in touch with the manager.

6. Order Processing

We have the right to reject orders that do not meet certain requirements. In addition to this, we are responsible for all the order steps, including processing, fulfillment, cancellation, processing, refunds, and payments. 

It is possible to use only those payment methods that are offered by the program. We can also add or remove a payment method without any prior notice. You are not allowed to integrate your scripts into order processing.

Keep in mind that your affiliate link needs to be properly formatted. In any other case, you will not be able to track your activity, get the reports, receive and be refunded the commission.

7. Term of Agreement

The Agreement comes into force after we’ve approved your application. It will last until one of the parties chooses to terminate the Agreement. Either we or you have the right to end the Agreement at any time. However, it is crucial to provide another party with a written notice about termination.

8. Modification

TemplateMonster reserves the right to change the terms of the affiliate program. In case any changes are made, all affiliate partners will receive a notification to their email addresses used in the affiliate program.

9. Limitation of Liability

We are not liable for your use of the information and content available through our website or the website itself. It also concerns all the compensatory, indirect, special, incidental, and consequential damages. Furthermore, we have no liability for any third-party claims of any nature.

10. Disclaimer

We provide all the products, information, and other content “as-is” or “as available”. All warranties are disclaimed. All the information available is error-free and does not have any viruses or harmful components. All information you use in the course of this Agreement is provided with all faults. In other words, the user has the entire risk as to satisfactory quality, performance, accuracy, and effort. The negation of damages set forth above is fundamental elements of the basis of the bargain between you and us. No advice or information you get from us from or through our resource will create any warranty, representation, or guarantee not expressly stated in this Agreement.

11. Affiliate Account Termination

TemplateMonster has the right to terminate (your) affiliate account or prohibit the use of the Program if we detect any of the reasons described below.

  1. Failing to provide us with information that includes contact details, tax information, payment details, and channels you will use to promote TemplateMonster products and services.
  2. As an affiliate partner, you should refer customers in good standing. TemplateMonster reserves the right to decline commissions for a purchase made by a customer not in good standing (those who meet TemplateMonster’s criteria to be a customer, see TemplateMonster Terms of Use), which is the violation of these Terms.
  3. Providing non-verified payment details or ones that you don’t own may result in the termination of the Affiliate Account.
  4. Using illegal advertising techniques, unsolicited emails, bots, unauthorized posting, black hat SEO, spam link building techniques, or unethical marketing practices will result in permanent account termination. Also, we refuse the use of the Affiliate Program if we detect fraudulent, illegal, aggressive, or questionable methods that were described during the affiliate onboarding process.
  5. We will terminate your account if it generates little to no traffic or zero sales or if you never logged in the system in the last 365 days.

In the event of discovering (a) questionable pattern(s) in your affiliate practice that, in our objective opinion, violate(s) these Terms, we reserve the right to terminate your Affiliate Account immediately.

If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please, get in touch with the affiliate manager by emailing to

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