Profit Calculation Method for MonsterONE Authors

TemplateMonster marketplace offers selected Authors to participate in the MonsterONE Subscription service and let clients enjoy unlimited downloads of all items they like. As part of MonsterONE Subscription, Authors can upload their digital items to the growing collection of products matching such categories as Graphics, Presentation Templates, WordPress, HTML Templates, Plugins, CMS & eCommerce Templates, Video, and Audio, and earn profit every time users download their items.

Different from the earnings that Authors make from offering exclusive and non-exclusive items in the marketplace, in MonsterONE the net revenue is split between the marketplace and the Authors, bringing each party the net revenue of 50% from every order. 

MonsterONE authors can keep track of the number of their digital products’ download in real time using the personal account. Statistics on earned funds appear only at the end of the reporting month. The payouts are scheduled for the first five days of a new month.

In MonsterONE Subscription, Authors’ profit is based on the net revenue from an order, after deducting affiliate and payment processing fees or other incurred costs like refunds, chargebacks, promo discounts, special deals, etc. 

For example, the revenue share can be calculated this way:

Order amount = $229 

Affiliate fee=$68.7 (30%) 

Payment processing fee=$3 

Net revenue=$157.3($229-$68.7-$3) 

Authors’ commission=$78.65 

Company commission=$78.65 

MonsterONE Authors’ earnings are calculated based on the type of products that subscribers download and Product Value Points. Every product has a value, which is rated in the Product Value Points. The latter are summarized during product downloads and directly affect the Authors’ profit. 

For example, User 1 downloaded 1 WordPress theme in a month. This generated the net revenue of $157.20 (after deducting affiliate and payment processing fees or other incurred costs like refunds, chargebacks, promo discounts, and special deals). The monthly net revenue from this download makes up $13.10 (i.e. $157.20 divided by 12 months). The Author’s 50% share of the monthly net revenue is $6.55. The download of 1 WordPress theme has brought 9 points to the Author. Taking into account that is the only item that the User 1 downloaded this month, the percentage of the Author’s item value points is 100%, which results in the total earnings of $6.55. 

Now imagine that the User 2 downloaded 1 WordPress theme, 1 Admin theme, and 1 WordPress plugin in a month. The annual net revenue is $227.00, with monthly net revenue of $18.92. The 50% share makes up $9.46. The total item value points for the three downloads that the User 2 completed is 24, but the item value points for the Author’s product is 9, which is 27.50% of the total item value points. This results in $3.55 Author’s total earnings that the downloads of User 2 bring him. 

User 3 purchased MonsterONE Subscription but downloaded no products this month, which doesn’t bring any earnings to the Author.

  • User 1 downloaded one WordPress theme in a month = 9 value points 
  • User 2 downloaded one WordPress theme, one Admin theme, one WordPress plugin in a month (9+8+7) =24 value points (9 of these 24 points go to the Author)
  • User 3 purchased the subscription but downloaded no products = 0 points. 

Let’s put it in a table:

UserNet Revenue (annual)Net Revenue (monthly, i.e. annual net revenue divided by 12)50% share (50% of the monthly net revenue)Total Item Value pointsItem Value Points from Your productsPercentage of Item Value PointsAuthor’s Total Earnings

This example demonstrates a few important things about MonsterONE Authors’ earnings:

  • The more subscribers use an Author’s items, the more an Author earns.
  • If a subscriber uses some items but not of a particular Author, the Author doesn’t share the net revenue.
  • If a subscriber prefers only the Author’s items, he gets the entire net revenue.

Product Value Points

WordPress Themes9
WooCommerce Themes8
Elementor Templates6
PrestaShop Modules7
WordPress Plugins7
Magento Themes8
OpenCart Templates8
PrestaShop Themes8
Shopify Themes8
VirtueMart Templates4
PSD Templates3
Corporate Identity3
Logo Templates3
PowerPoint Templates5
Landing Page Templates6
Website Templates7
Newsletter Templates4
Resume Templates3
Joomla Templates8
RU HTML Templates7
After Effects Intros3
Certificate Templates2
Social Media3
Keynote Templates5
Google Slides5
Product Mockups3
Icon Sets3
Infographic Elements3
Sketch Templates3
UI Elements3
Admin Templates7
Animated Banners3
Magazine Templates2
Vector Graphics2
Stock Music4
Premiere Pro Templates4
Final Cut Pro Templates4
Motion Graphics Templates4
Stock Video3

What Is the Effect of This Profit Calculation Method on Authors’ Earnings?

The total amount paid out to MonsterONE Authors is 50% of net revenue. We chose this profit calculation method for MonsterONE Authors because we believe this is the fairest way to divide earning between all Authors. Such an approach has a significant effect on how MonsterONE library will grow over time. Every Author will be rewarded for creating unique and diverse products that will attract and retain customers.

Broadly speaking, such profit calculation method encourages Authors to:

  • Create items that appeal to many subscribers.
  • Make high-quality unique items matching different niches. 
  • Don’t waste your time trying to game the system.
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