MonsterONE Subscription. Guidelines for contributors

We’re still selecting authors for MonsterONE Subscription, and this FAQ created to assist our future authors in deciding whether their items will fit

Check these requirements or feel free to contact us at marketplace[at] for more details.

What items can I contribute to MonsterONE? 

You can add all types of products except Muse, Unbounce, and ZenCart templates. To fill MonsterONE Subscription with high-quality products, we’re setting the age limit: items released over three years ago will be declined.

What about the support? 

Never mind, we’ll handle it. However, if we detect technical issues in your items, we’ll request you to release fixes.  

How many products can I contribute?

We are looking for authors with an extensive portfolio that correspond to modern requirements and cu stomer expectations regarding digital products. 

How can I track the number of product downloads?

MonsterONE authors can keep track of the number of their digital products’ download in real time using the personal account. Statistics on earned funds appear only at the end of the reporting month.

When will I get the payout?

We’re scheduling payouts for the first five days of a new month.

How is the profit calculated at MonsterONE? 

We’re splitting the net revenue between the platform and the authors. The profit of authors depends on the number of item downloads. 

More info here.

How do you select and review MonsterONE authors?

After passing a short survey, our review team will give you recommendations on your products. After that, you will get access to your author profile, where you can upload your products.

What are the terms of exclusivity?

TemplateMonster authors who are selling exclusive products can instantly join MonsterONE.

Which license types are there available at MonsterONE?

There’s only one license type available at MonsterONE – unlimited commercial. Read more about the licensing policy in our guide.

What are the terms & legal obligations?

Please check our terms and conditions guide for more information.

How will I earn money?

We’re splitting the net revenue between the platform and the authors. The profit of authors depends on the number of item downloads. More info here.

Now let’s have a look at the entry barrier for authors, if your items satisfy all of these demands you will have no difficulties becoming an author.

  • The multitude of digital products. We’re accepting various digital products that range from website templates to CMS plugins, though web graphics and stock videos to audio files. Please check our inventory for product types currently available on MonsterONE website. If you produce digital products that are not presented in our inventory, please contact the marketplace team via email.
  • Up-to-date items. To make the subscription service full of high-quality products, we’ve set the limit for products: items that were released and never updated for the last three years.
  • Wide product range. We are looking for authors with 10+ items in their portfolios. Authors with fewer products will not be considered.
  • Though-out item presentation, branding, and descriptions. Products should have a thought-out presentation, including all the necessary preview images in the corresponding resolution. The product description should contain item title, description, and meta description (containing 150-160 symbols).
  • Exquisite style. Items should be relevant to our audience while being useful, trendy, and clean.
  • Author’s track record. We appreciate authors with unique portfolios and perfect customer ratings on other digital platforms.

We encourage you to submit a request to join MonsterONE as an author here.

You are welcome to our Authors Community, where we regularly post new updates regarding subscription service, marketplace promotions, and important news.

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