What if I violate exclusivity rules?

The authors receive higher commissions for products that agreed to be sold exclusively on TemplateMonster. The commission rates for exclusive products are growing accordingly to sales volume, as the marketplace is loyal to exclusive authors.

Once the issue of exclusivity policy violation arises, the TemplateMonster, as a marketplace, takes the following actions:

  1. The product that is agreed to be sold exclusively on TemplateMonster and found on sale elsewhere is removed from sale from the moment exclusivity policy violation is detected. The payments are temporarily frozen.
  2. Selling the product via third-party links, non-authorized live chats or any other sources except templatemonster.com or TemplateMonster partners’ is considered as a non-exclusive sale. 
  3. The author is requested to remove the product from third-party markets and other sale directories within 5 days from the moment he has been notified about the issue, so the product remains exclusive on the TemplateMonster marketplace.
  4. Once the author removes the product from sale on third-party resources, the product is restored on the marketplace and the escalation is completed.
  5. If the author is not removing the product that violates exclusivity policy from other sales directories or the discussed term (5 days) is expired with no resolution, the product’s status is changed to “non-exclusive”, and author’s profit for selling the template is recalculated respectively to non-exclusive commission rates. 
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