September Sale 2021 – Submit Your Products to Get Promotion

September brings new promotion opportunities for all Marketplace authors. This article will bring in the sale`s details and explain how to add your products to the sale and get additional promotions on our website, blog, email newsletter, paid advertising campaigns, and social media. Let’s start with the basics.

Discount amount: 15% off all products that are approved to participate in the sale. 

september sale for authors

September Sale Date and Time

Sale timeline: September 20th, 9AM (UTC) – September 24th, 9AM (UTC)

Application deadline: Products are accepted until September 10th. It means that you should hurry up and submit your products right now to get maximum chances of getting promoted.

Product list announcement: on September 14th we will send emails to all authors who are approved to participate in the sale.

What products can participate?

  1. Website Templates – all categories, including WordPress themes, Shopify themes, HTML templates, PrestaShop templates, etc.
  2. Presentations – all categories, including Powerpoint, Google Slides, Keynote templates, Infographic elements. 
  3. Graphics – all types, including icons, fonts, logo, CV, PSD, social media, corporate identity templates, etc.
  4.  Plugins: WordPress plugins, PrestaShop modules, Magento extensions, Javascript.
  5. 3D models.
  6. Audio.
  7. Video.

How to Submit Your Products

In order to participate in the sale, please, fill out this form and let us know your author name, email, choose the products you would like to submit, and the desired promotional materials. 

How Your Products Will Be Promoted during the Sale

All products with a 15% discount will be placed on a separate landing page. We will advertise your products through all available marketing channels:

  •  on all our product listings;
  • in individual promotion blocks on the product category pages;
  • with a sitewide banner in the site`s header;
  • with special badges that attract more customers` attention to the discounted items;
  • in an email newsletter;
  • on our official blog;
  • on social media;
  • via PPC campaigns. 

We also encourage you to self-promote products and spread the word about the sale. To do this, we will prepare a set of attractive banners and will be glad to see them on your website, social media pages, and other media.

NB! Please remember that all authors participating in the sale are not allowed to change the products` prices 30 days before the promotion. By submitting the application form, you agree not to change the products` cost until the end of the sale.

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