Refer a Friend – Invite a New Author and Get $25 Commission

Have you joined TemplateMonster digital marketplace as an author and already sell your items to more than 2 million customers? In addition to the increased commissions, the platform lets you earn more by referring other authors to the marketplace. The math is simple – you refer a friend and get a $25 bonus. Easy! 

How It Works 

To refer a new author, you need to register in the TemplateMonster affiliate program and get your unique referral link. By doing so, you become a Parent Affiliate. Every author whom you refer becomes your Sub-Affiliate. Here’s how it works: 

refer a friend

For example, you can share a link like this: 


Here “?aff=myaffiliateID” stands for the referral link you get from your affiliate manager. You can also find your referral link in the Affiliate Admin Panel. 

affiliate admin panel

Give this link to an author whom you invite to join the marketplace. We save cookies for 60 days. So, when the referred author registers in the marketplace, we will notice it. You will earn a $25 commission as soon as the author whom you refer adds 10 items in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace and makes at least 10 sales. 

The more authors join the TemplateMonster digital marketplace with your referral link – the more money you earn. So, go ahead and refer a friend! Take advantage of making more money with TemplateMonster

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