Purchase Process
Purchase Process

Purchase Process FAQs

Amex doesn’t process my international payment. What do I do?

Please contact AMEX directly and ask them to unblock this transaction from their end. If you do not wish to unblock your card for international transactions you can process the card through paypal merchant gateway. Paypal offers instant card processing option that does not require a paypal account.

I paid via PayPal and have not received anything. What is the problem ?

This might happen if you initiated an eCheck transaction via Paypal. In this case it will take several business days for the order to go through. The ETA for clearing can be checked in your paypal account.

How do I process my card via PayPal ?

You can purchase a template with the card without creating an account with PayPal. To do this please choose PayPal option on the checkout page and press *Don’t have PayPal account?* on the next page. Then follow the instructions on-line.

PayPal does not approve my transaction. What do I do?

If you still want to place your order via PayPal , you need to know which payment methods are available when sending money :
When you pay, the first thing PayPal will do is check your PayPal balance to see if you have enough to cover the payment. If you do, they will use your balance to make the payment. If you do not have sufficient account balance, you can choose to pay directly from your bank account or your debit or credit card.
To make sure you’re using the payment method you want, select one of the following options before completing the payment:
* PayPal Balance * Instant Bank Transfer * e-Check (takes 5 – 7 business days) * Credit or debit card
Payments using PayPal balance, credit or debit cards and Instant Bank Transfer methods will be credited to the recipient instantly.
eCheck might take 5 – 7 business days to clear.
In case you continue having problems with the payment, please contact billing@template-help.com for further assistance. You may also contact PayPal support using contact details from your PayPal account contact area.

What is CVV code?

CVV stands for Credit Card Verification Value. The CVV is a 3 or 4 digit code embossed or imprinted on the signature panel on the reverse side of Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards and on the front of American Express cards. This code is used as an extra security measure to ensure that you have access and/or physical possession of the credit card itself.

What if my credit card does not have a CVV2 code on the back?

Customers with credit cards that do not have CVV2 codes can simply leave the CVV2 field blank on our order page. If the card is supposed to have the CVV2 code, then the order will fail, and the buyer will need to contact the issuing bank.

My credit card was declined. What do I need to do?

That could happen due to several different reasons. Bank issuer of the card could be blocking the payment due to own security regulations, payment info could be entered incorrectly, an error could be at the merchant systems side, or a simple “cookies” issue in your browser. Unfortunately merchant systems are not always showing the exact reason for the decline. However, there is something you can check right away when you see the order failed. You can contact the card issuer bank and confirm that the failure is not related to problems there with the declined transaction. If the issuing bank confirms that there is no problem with your account then make sure that you are entering all the digits of the the credit card number in a single sequence with no spaces or dashes.
Orders can only be processed if the address information that you have given matches EXACTLY with the information on your bank billing statement. Meaning, you cannot abbreviate the words “street” or “avenue”, add hyphens or “#” symbols to your address, or leave out apartment numbers, or change your zip code, etc. from what your financial institution has on its records for you. You may have to check your bank to verify how your address appears in their records. There may also be a CVV code error. CVV error is associated with the 3-4 digit code that you are sometimes asked to enter from your credit card (often found after your number on the right side of the front of your card, or on the right end of your signature area on the back of your card).
Also, almost all error messages can be resolved by following the steps below. Please do the following before trying to place the order again. Delete the cache and cookies from your computer.
To do this in IE:
– Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools.
– Click on Internet Options.
– On the General Tab, in the middle of the screen, click on “Delete” Files.
– You may also want to check the box “Delete all offline content”.
– Click on OK and wait for the hourglass icon to stop after it deletes the temporary internet files.
– You can now click on Delete Cookies and click “OK” to delete cookies that websites have placed on your hard drive.
To do this in Mozilla ( Netscape, FireFox, etc ):
– Open your browser and click on Tools.
– Click on Options.
– Select Privacy.
– Click on the buttons to “Clear” your “Cookies” and “Cache”.
After you have taken these steps, restart your computer and attempt to make this purchase again. If you are still receiving an error message when trying to place the order, please contact our Billing Department for immediate assistance via Live Chat or Ticket System. Please include in your e-mail a copy of the specific error message that you receive so that we may be better able to assist you with this matter.

Are my payments absolutely secure via Credit Card?

To provide our customers with different payment methods we process orders through several well respected and extremely reliable companies: Stripe, PayPal, Skrill( Moneybookers), PayProGlobal, etc. All of these companies use SSL protected areas. This means all the data you submit will be taken and transmitted only after full encryption (always check the secure connection icon in your browser). Warning! Submit your credit card information and your billing details only to secured forms!
Remember: You should never disclose any information that is not necessary. Our staff will never ask you for the full credit card number or CVV code. All the verification procedures are done automatically and no human has access to your full credit card details. If you ever believe that a violation of any of these conditions has taken place, please notify us immediately.

How will the charge show up on my credit card statement?

Depending on which payment method you choose, the charge for your order will be shown on your billing statement in a different way. It may appear as “template-help.com” or “Jetimpex.inc’. Please, make sure to confirm the correct name of your payment service on the checkout page of the merchant system. For more information you can contact our Billing Department via Live Chat or Ticket System

I have troubles accessing my account at TemplateMonster.com

while purchasing you have an option to register an account with TemplateMonster.com or continue to shop as a Guest. If you have created the account and now having difficulties to confirm it or access please contact our Billing Department via Live Chat or Ticket System, we will assist you.

I cannot receive a confirmation call

Due to the increasing number of not authorized transaction the verification of any first order is required.
If for some reason the phone call is not possible, there is another way to verify.
The customer who does not have a reachable cell phone or landline or cannot receive a call for some reason is obliged to provide us with a photocopy of the Credit/Debit card or Passport/Drivers license when the payment is done through Paypal and alike merchant systems.

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