Item Tags Guidelines

  • Filling out ‘Tags’ section is required for all products submitted to the marketplace.
  • We do not allow tags containing obscene, threatening, hateful, or offensive terms based on race, religion, political or gender orientation.
  • Tags may contain synonyms and associations that describe the item from different sides.
  • Tags shouldn’t include words or phrases that are used in the item category.  
  • The maximum number of tags is 20.
  • Tags may contain several words separated by spaces.
  • All tags should be separated by a comma.
  • To add a tag, push Enter or click somewhere outside the tags field. 
  • All tags should be in English.

Tags may contain:

  • Template style – minimal, clean, modern, unique, etc.
  • Product title.
  • Kind of template – eCommerce, store, multipurpose, blog, etc.
  • Product functionality – builder, form, etc.
  • Brand features – Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, etc.
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