Elementor Kits FAQs

04 December 2020

This post includes frequently asked questions about Elementor Template Kits.

Prior to adding Elementor Kits to the TemplateMonster marketplace, please check these guidelines to improve the end-users’ experience.

What are Elementor Kits?

Elementor kits are the set of pages, sections and other elements with the same topic and style, created with Free Elementor plugin or Elementor Pro.

Should I use the Free version or Pro version of Elementor?

We accept kits based on both Free and Pro versions of Elementor. Just choose the option that works for you and specify it in the product’s details and description to avoid confusion.

Should I add Elementor plugin to the product archive?

Please do not include the plugin to the product archive and leave a note in the product description that Elementor Pro is not included.

What installation options are required?

End-users can install Elementor Kits via XML data import, via importing Json files for each page or with third-party plugins. It’s up to you to decide in what way the sample data should be imported, however you should provide clear step-by-step instructions for your customers. Instructions should be included in the documentation that come with the kit. They should contain screenshots that illustrate the steps that users should perform in order to install the sample data.

Please note – Elementor Template Kit should show the dynamic data from the end-user’s website after import.

Can I use third-party plugins in Elementor Kits?

You can use third-party plugins if you have the appropriate license. Reviewers may contact you and request a confirmation that you are authorized to use and resell the plugin. 

• Plugins should be added to the product archive and mentioned in the product’s description and documentation. 
• The documentation should also have information that shows how to install the plugins.
• The plugins should be installed automatically if your kit comes with your own theme.

Can I include the theme to Elementor Template Kit?

Template Kits should be compatible with Elementor theme Hello
You can use and include your own theme, but the end-user should be able to install the kit on any theme as we are not able to limit the choice of those who will purchase your product.

What is product archive structure?

The product archive structure varies depending on the data import option. 

Still, the following elements should be included:
• Sample content (pages/sections, etc)
• Documentation in PDF/HTML 
• Compatible themes – optional
• Plugins – optional
• Design files (Figma/PSD, etc) – optional

The plugins should be located in a separate folder and should be bundled with the theme (if you include your own theme).

What pages should be included in Elementor Template Kit?

There are no hard rules for creating Elementor Kits — it is up to you to decide what pages to include in the product. 
We recommend including the following pages: 

• Minimum 5 pages, e.g. About, Services, Contacts, Home page, Portfolio/Blog.
• Basic elements – Header, Footer, Single Post, 404-page, Archive.

Are there any restrictions for Elementor Kits?

• Custom HTML, IDs, Class Names are not allowed. 
• Custom CSS should not be included in the Elementor Template Kit.

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