After-Payment Questions
After-Payment Questions

After-Payment FAQs

Unzipping issues

Please refer to the links below for instructions on how to uncompress the template archive:

How to unzip a template (MAC OS)

How to unzip a template (Windows OS)

If none of this worked, please contact our Billing department via Live Chat or Ticket System for assistance.

Can I install my template on a local/remote testing server?

Yes, you can set install a template on a testing server. Please make sure that you remove all template files from the testing server after you upload them to your web site.

Will I have to pay again if you restore my link to re-download the template?

You can re-download your template without any additional fees at any time. You should sign in to your account at, navigate to “My Account” -> Downloads and click Restore link button. Alternatively, you can contact our Billing department via Live Chat or Ticket System and get your download link reactivated. We will need your order ID or delivery email address and template number to activate the link.

My link is not active anymore. What do I do?

If your order was placed less than a year ago you can activate the download link in your user profile on, navigate to “My Account” -> Downloads and click Restore link button.
Please, contact our Billing department department via Live chat, or submit a trouble-ticket via Ticket System to get a prompt reply.
Please, do not forget to provide our Billing department representatives with order details, such as: order number, delivery e-mail address and the template number.

I haven’t received my download link. What do I do?

Please sign in to your TemplateMonster user account to download the template. If this is your first purchase, a user profile was created for you automatically when you placed the order. You can sign in on and once you’re logged in, navigate to to download the purchased product.

I misspelled my email while ordering

Please contact our Billing Department via Live Chat or Ticket System. We will need to locate your purchase and it will help if you can provide your order ID or the email address exactly as it was spelled on the checkout page. If you cannot find any of this information we can also look up your order by the billing phone number.

I need to edit/change my invoice. How do I do this?

Please provide us with the new invoice details via e-mail (
As soon as the new invoice is ready we will send you a link to download the new invoice pdf file. Usually such requests are handled within 24-48 hours.

My card was overcharged. What do I do?

Please send us a screenshot of the credit card statement showing extra charges to Your request will be handled within 1 business day.

My card got charged twice for the same purchase. What do I do?

Please contact our billing representative using our live chat or via e-mail with a screenshot of the statement showing multiple complete charges, we will assist you.

I received a request to send a copy of my passport/driver’s license or credit/debit card. Is it legal?

Although the payment was accepted by the merchant system we keep the right for our own anti-fraud verification. We apologize for inconveniences but we must do such verification due to numerous not authorized transactions we receive every day. Because of the digital nature of our product, it is very hard to reverse it in case of not authorized charge. That is why we must verify each First order thoroughly.
To make it secure to send a Credit/Debit card photo, we are asking to cover middle digits of the card 1234********5678 and send only the Front side of it(No back side with CVV code).
If you are sending a Driver’s license or Passport, please cover your photo on it, signature and serial number to make it completely secure to send.
You may use any digital camera to make the photocopy and send it by email as an attachment to or submit a direct ticket to Billing Department using our Ticket System

I have a charge on my statement that I do not recognize.

Please provide us with following details:

– last 4 digits of the card that was charged,
– amount of the charge
– transaction date
– charge description (exactly as it shows on the statement)

Please, send the requested information to submit a trouble ticket: Ticket System.

I’ve been billed incorrectly – what should I do?

Without exception we charge the customer only for the amount of the order exactly as it is shown in the shopping cart. The only difference that might occur relates to a double charge for currency conversion that was applied by your issuing bank when paying with Amex card. We will investigate any case in which you believe you were overcharged. Please, send a screenshot of the charge showing incorrectly to our Billing Department by email or submit a trouble ticket via Ticket System.

How do I know if my payment has gone through?

Credit card transactions are shown instantly upon authorization, you will receive a payment confirmation receipt right after the payment is processed.

I’ve already purchased a web site template. Can I buy additional offers for this template in future without paying for the template again

We can create a custom payment link for you to purchase any of the additional services. Please contact us via live chat or send us an email to get the link.

I would like to purchase a template. Will there be instructions for how to use it?

Every template comes with a documentation file and step by step installation instructions.

Will I be able to get support in my native language for a product I purchase on your site?

Although our website is translated into 15 different languages, we cannot guarantee robust support in every language. Our language of choice is English since it is international and most people already speak it.
We understand that describing a technical issue in a foreign language may present certain difficulties. Therefore we ask that you would use an online google translator on https// It does a pretty accurate translation from almost every language.

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